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painhelp Says:

I saw a pain doc recently and he put me on oxycodone 5 mg. It doesn't work well and I took some tramadol from an old script. Should I worry about being dropped as a patient?

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ms pain Says:

if your doc gave the tramado you should be fine. and ask your doc if you could chage if it helped, pluse have a good x cuse my sife i hade nothing in my urine taking 10mg oxcodone and he gave me 1 more chang , doc have no prb but ty have to stop besuse there liusen

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painhelp Says:

Thank you for ur response. The tramadol was actually from a er visit. I have the bottle n everything. Hope it all goes well. Cant imagine being completely cut off from something like that.

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David Says:


As a second opinion, I think you should be fine using it if you were already given the Tramadol from a previous visit.

I think most doctors only become weary when it's clear to them that you trying to hide something. But as long as you keep a bottle with your name on it, the stress of random UA's/drug panels can be avoided.

However, if you're still finding yourself needing more pain relief, it sounds like it may also be a good idea to ask your doctor about other alternative medications or treatment options (such as THC/CBD concentrates available at medical marijuana clinics). This way you aren't necessarily dependent on only one form of therapy.

I hope this helps!

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