Pain Medication Without Acetaminophen

Chris Says:

I have had serious skin problems, flu-like symptoms, spent months in bed feeling as though I was dying. I think it is due to the acetaminophen and not the pain medication.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Chris! How are you doing?

Is that the only medication you're taking?

Those aren't symptoms normally caused by Acetaminophen, unless you were possible overdosing.

Learn more Acetaminophen details here.

How much were you taking and for how long?

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irocgirl1987 Says:

possible fibromyalgia? I had the same explanation feels like you have the flu all day every day, and tylonol doesnt work... check it out online, get with your doc, theres blood tests out these days maybe get you back on track. there is no medical cure, but eating organic, detoxing, living healthy helps alot.

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Praveen Says:

Please suggest any pain medicine without Paracetamol. My problem is that Paracetamol causes an allergic reaction in my body.

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