Pain Medication After Suboxone Treatment

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What pain medication will I be able to use after suboxone treatment is complete

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Meagan Says:

"What pain medication will I be able to use after suboxone treatment is complete..."

Depends, really. Are you actually looking for legitimate pain relief for a real issue, or looking to get high again? I've been on Suboxone for 5 years and 6 months ago some screws used to fix a broken ankle got very infected and infected the bone around it. Osteomylitus with the infection being the MRSA infection. Painful doesn't even begin to describe the feelings I had. Now I was different than you in the sense that I was currently on Suboxone treatment, making my tolerance to pain medication extremely high. I actually carry a card around with me, given to me by my doctor, that explains what physicians, who are not familier with Suboxone, should do in the event I am in pain and need relief. There are two options. One, give me about three times the normal dose and it will help, but not completely. The other option is to IV a sedative and give me something like torradol. (that knocks me out as I am not used to taking benzos). Because doctors normally don't feel comfortable with either, I suffer. I get on average 3 kidney stones a year and I hate showing up to the emergancy room, with my 5 year old injection scars, complaining of pain and handing them that card.

Wow...I wonder if any of that was even on topic. Back to the point. If getting high is your objective, I'd go strait back to the big H, just not as much as you ended with as your tolerance has gone down some. If relieving actual pain is the objective, use as little as possible. Use something that helps, but doesn't give you the "taste for opiates" you worked so hard to get away from.

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66 Says:

I too want to know what I can take for pain relief if I go off Subutex. Been on it 2 yrs. after 15 yrs. of high OxyContin usage for chronic pain from 7 failed S-I fusion attempts. I want to get off the Subutex due to the side effects and relief/widthdrawal see-saw every 6 hours. What do others use for chronic pain without going back on opiates? NSAIDS aren't an option due to erosive gastritis. Help!

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rickshaw Says:

leave me a message/email address for thread discussion.

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lisa Says:

I would love to explore this thread.

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Sonya Says:

Ok...i was addicted yo opiates for about 5 yrs front about 2000 to 2005. Then I switched to Subutex from then till about 43 days ago...what can I take for my pain. I have nauseous migraine & legs that hurt like hell! Please help me!

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spara Says:

As an ex h&c etc iv user over 20 years been on subs 8 yrs approx but last 2/3 have been in excruciating pain. top right leg n abdo n sweats etc the whole nine yards on top of that my urine feels like acid n am peeing 4 times an hour min, i'm scared to lay down as the urine sits whichever side i lay on.i feel sick i cant walk n havent been shopping for 2/4years,im sure its some kind of dehydrated n even my eyes are doctor doesnt believe much i says n my councillors give me no respect even though i havent touched drugs for many years.does anyone know about the build up of salts/narcan in bups.i will be getting some codein soon so that i can get myself better feeling withdrawn & in pain this long yet still treated like a druggie is no good for self belief mental health or pain.

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james wilder Says:

after my pain doctor retired ive had trouble findin another doctor who would perscribe my oxycotton medication what m i supposed to do im in chrnic pain ive been on suboxone before an it does not help

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Jones Says:

Hello I have been on sub for three months and never abused my opiates. I am in too much pain. Can I go back on pain management

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Tired of the pain Says:

I was on subutex for 5months.... Tapered down to have a baby. After delivery I went on 16 mlgs once a day for 3.5 months. I have a broken tooth with abcess..... I have no pain threshold due my past opiates abuse. I'm in crazy pain from my face,jaw,and gum abcess. When can I take a pain pill? I have a new baby to care for and I can't eat.. Tired of crying.. I just need answers

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Amy Says:

I'm on suboxin but having bad pain n my back and my neck is burning. Can I stop subs and go to pain dr

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Bobby joe Says:

Okay so when i was around 21 my doctor had me on pain management which was perocet and morphine because i have a slipped disc and degenerated disc both in my lower back.. After awhile i stopped going and its been about a year for a couple months out of that year i was on suboxone by a different doctor because i wanted to come off the right way but i didnt like the way subs made me feel so i havent been on anything for about a year now do you think its possible she will start me back on pain meds because the pain is really unbearable now ive been working out 3-5 days a week and trying other things and nothing helps.

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meme Says:

Really a card i think everybody knows what subs are??!!!!

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stupidsaysstupiddoes Says:


If you actually took the time to read the entire post and referenced the date it was posted SIX PLUS YEARS AGO. At that time sub treatment was in its infancy and MANY PEOPLE INCLUDING MEDICAL PROVIDERS WERE IGNORANT TO THIS DRUG OR ITS TREATMENT. Actually much like today when *****s make inappropriate statements to fulfill some narcissistic purpose. Just an observation....

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Meldret Net Says:

I am 65 Cronic pain 3 types of arthritis, I withdrawald from norco,10/325 for 6-7 days,I couldnt handle it and couldnt get my scipt.(moved to a small Town with a big drug probem, my doctor wrote 1 emergancy scipt,cant do any more,I went to the ER 3 times visit 1 got 3 days worth 2nd time nothing,3rd time got 1 days worth called the ER and the coordinator told me to go back. I did and I got nothing.) All this time Im going to drs offices and calling Docs) refused by all. Got on Suboxone ,afraid norco withdrawal would kill me.I like the sub. (on it For5 days but Angxiety attacts are really bad as had to stop the xanax .5mg-2 a day and have had a heart attac. then I read about Suboxone, Blogs and such. after I get both my knees replaced(internal derangment) I will prob. need something for the remaining pain , hands, hips,shoulders.and I think Suboxone may have a worse withdaw than opiods I cant see me getting operation while on Sub.because pain meds wont work???

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Duce Says:

No they don't. And a doctor is the worst person to educate.

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Amberstory Says:

Was on 5mg.hydro. quit on my.own. 3 days later dr amd tell him im.sick amd didn't know why. Was wds. I didn't know. Never used drugs before. He said that stopping without his consent was a form of abuse, he wouldn't help me. Said no dr in his office would ever write me a narcotic rx again. So... suboxone was all powerdul miracle drug. I took that a year. Got off that been clean 2 years. I refuse to live with anxiety and panic any longer and refuse to lay around helpless because I cant even roll over. I've been to the er four times due to hives from ibuprofen. I need my xanax and pain relief.back. not even dentist will help me with knocking me out fit surgery with that red mark showing up every time I seek medical help. What do I do?

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Addam Says:

Re: Meagan (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Yea these freaking doctors don’t just understand that being on suboxone makes our tolerance for pain meds extremely High. I had jaw surgery and 15 days before the surgery I was put on heavy benzodiazepines . My doc told me I’m gona pretty much keep u sedated since my leave from work for surgery started 16 days before surgery. For the first 10 days the benzos worked like a charm . Only cause the sub stays in ur body for a long time . Ok day 11 I was crying like a baby in withdrawal . My surgeon told me to go on subs 4 days before surgery is asking for a lot of trouble so he pescribed me liquid Vicodin , and had me take 2 spoons a day so I could feel normal . Now for anyone else two spoons would knock them off but 2 spoons only kept me normal . This was a sign for what was comming . I got up from a 5 hour surgery screaming in pain . For the kind of surgery they usually send u home the same evening . But the doctors soon knew that was not gonna be the case with me . The pain management team was called in and They decided to give me liquid Vicodin every 2 hours , dilaudid every 4 hours and morphine every 3 hours and I was still in a lot of pain . I would cry and tell the doctors I’m still in pain but they wouldn’t give me more . After 2 weeks now my suboxone doctor somehow decided since I was already off suboxone for about 1 month I didn’t need to go back on it . What he didn’t realize since my pain tolerance was so low I was in considerable pain from my surgery . I was ok with not going back to subs only if he kept me on just 1 10 mg dilaudid every 6 hours for a week or 2 more but he decided to taper me within 2 days ... in 2 days all hell broke loose and I was in a lot of pain. I went to another doc and suboxone . And the doctor who put me on subs screwed me over cause I was never addicted to opioids . I was addicted to soma and I came of it by tapering . I was still in craving mode 2 months after my soma taper and so I decided to go see an addiction specialist and he just put me on subs . But before that he told me to take Vicodin for 2 weeks get in withdrawal and take suboxone . And now I’ve decided I’m gona go back on SAO for a month or 2 and then taper off it ... I rather suffer 2 weeks from a Vicodin withdrawal rather than 3 month suboxone withdrawal

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Roxxx Says:

Re: Jones (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Yes..i did...if pain is gotta live

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Me Says:

I stayed on Suboxone for chronic pain. My doctor allows me to take an extra strip daily, if needed. Most doctors still don't know how to treat suboxone patients. Talk to your doctor before planned surgeries. In emergency situations have your doctor call the doctor who is treating you, like ER doctor, etc. Mine does and also gives me my anxiety meds.

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Davoe Says:

Re: Meagan (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Nothing stops pain after suboxone, sorry I wouldn't touch the stuff,does your head in.

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