Pain In The Center Of Stomach Between Lungs Causing Vomiting Sensation

Tushar Says:

Yesterday I had heart burning and found difficult to eat, however I was hungry and ate bread with salami. Since morning there after I have no heart burning but a very mild pain or heaviness in the center of my stomach just at the center of my lungs from where they start curving. This is accompanied by sensation of vomiting resulting in huge saliva formation but the vomit does not come. I have taken Eno, zantac, and pantocid D but seems to have little relief though the saliva formation and the feeling of vomiting has stopped but have a feeling of half stuck burp. I also smoke and hope that it has nothing to do with these symptoms. I also had a beer day before and have a history of inreased triglycride with beer.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Tushar!

Any time you experience something like this, you should seek medical attention. There is a chance that such symptoms could be cardiac related, rather than due to your stomach.

How are you feeling now? Has it improved any?

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sweet pea Says:

Sounds like acid reflux to me. Dr. Can subscribe pills for that.

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Tommy Says:

I'm not a doctor. It sounds like something I have & that's a problems with your espopgagus. You mentioned bread sticking & I knew. You either need your esophagus stretched from ur GI doc or you have the beginnings of a Hiatal Hernia. Like I said I'm not a doc it just sounds like my problem. It pretty much sucks

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Mike Says:

Hello Tushar,

I am not a doctor, nurse, nor in the medical field. But if you pain has gotten gradually worse day by day, and i likely has, go seek medical help at the earliest time, as in YESTERDAY-if you can't see your doctor soon enough, then go to the nearest walk-in urgent care or the HOSPITAL ER. The previous 3 posters before me offered some good possible causes, and another, have you had your Gallbladder removed yet? If not, that could very likely be a cause. They will know immediately if they draw your blood. I had the very same symptoms a year and 4 months ago in June of last year, my wife rushed me up to the Hospital ER, and my Gallbladder had to be removed. The pain and nausea got worse hour by hour and finally, for the first time in my life, i was wheeled into the Operating Room without fear, welcoming the coming anesthesia and surgery. When i woke up. The surgeon looked at me and told me i broke the record for the largest gallstone ever removed: She told me it was the size of a Chicken's Egg. This may or may not be the cause of your symptoms...but address it immediately.

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flea Says:

Classic heart attack symptom for anybody reading this years later.

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