Pain Doctor Phoenix For Medication

Martha Says:

Need a doctor to prescribe. Do you know of any in Dr's in phoenix?

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joanne Says:

I came from California and was given 30 MG oxycodone & methadone! I moved to Phoenix & everything was fine except my Dr's retired & the office just changed not just the meds but the whole office; they seemed very rude and didn't care how u feel! I need to find a new doctor. Do you have any suggestions?? I'm kind of in a time crunch! thank you

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Manuel Says:

Central Mesa Medical has a really good pain management NP. It is a nice office, with friendly staff people too.

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SeverdSacrum Says:

That place is horrible.. mesa medical.. I have severe issues and have all records that place that was referred is no good whoever said it was is wrong or that visitphysician is gone

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