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OPIE Says:
Does anyone know of pain clinics that take out of state patients? Also looking to get put on opanas, or something like that. Been on loratab 1000's for 15 years and they don't do the job anymore. I realy hope someone out there knows someplace in GA or TN. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks.

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Verwon Says:
First off, there are no Lortab tablets that contain 1,000mgs of anything.


And next is a question, why aren't you looking in your home state?

Even if you do find a doctor that will treat you, when you're from out of state, most pharmacies will not fill your prescription under such circumstances.

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Deborah Says:
I am looking for a pain management dr in the Saginaw area who takes out of state claims from New Jersey, I' m thinking about relocating from Delaware. I got hurt in 93 and have bn on pain meds. Please help find me a pain mangement Dr.

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deb Says:
Did u ever find a clinic iam in the same boat trying to find a doctor

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kimburli Says:
I don't want to sound rude,but I most certain want you to here it right. This situation right here is prime example of why I started AFFLP.COM (AmericasFightForLupusPain). First let me ask you why you have to go find a pain clinic he accepts out of state patients? If your a chronic pain patient and have a referral from a family Doct. or PCD you can't go seek pain management in another state legally.You would have to change all your doctors,and have permant address in the state your seeking care from.Most pain clinics well the real pain clinics require a referral from a primary care,physcian &/or family doctor you have had to been a patient under there care for atleast 3months,this appplies to the new laws that took affect Jan 2010,most states require all licensed pain facilities to follow this. If patient just has a MRI with some herniated disc,bulging,degenerative disc by law your PCD has to send you to a neurologist/surgeon for proper treatment to fix these areas they can no longer mask the problem with these highly addictive pain killers,They will repair the damage areas where if possible send u2 physical therapy and then u follow up with youPCD .My Point is I have been fighting for myself and thousands of others who are suffering from a chronic autoimmune terminal disease called LUPUS.After researching thousands of pain clinics in Tn alone 525,859.000 98% of all pain patients has an MRI with minor to mild problems,no family doctor,no past history of an injury,or illness but was getting prescribed 150 cnt.oxycodone30mg and 15mgoxycodone 90cnt, for breakthrough pain.These patients would go to there appt. get their meds filled then you could follow them going to work and witness these "chronic pain"patients going up&down latters,carrying 50lb bags of shingles over their back 3 bags at a time laughing cutting up they would work from morning to dark never stop and appear in any kind of pain. I have had Lupus for 4 years now,im terminal.I will have this the rest of my life.My lupus has took over my body and mind,and now it controls my entire life.I Suffer from deep agonizing bone and joint pain that so deep in my legs and arms I have thought of sawing them off.My hips hurt when im lying down on my side resting its a pain i can not describe.My pain can be anywhere at anytime,showing up suddenly or overnight. Everday is a struggle I never know how bad ill be hurting tomorrow I dread every new day.My pain alters my mind and causes me seizures the lupus that has affected my barin has sent me into a deep major depression,a complete and total personality change in a bad way.My behavoir,my memory,my personality,my voice all have changed for the worse.I have experienced pain that I cant describe,so bad I have passed completly out from it.Im a miserable depressed person,a prisoner in my own home.At anytime my disease can flare up and a tiny cold could enter my bloodstream and I have to be hospitalized to fight it off.I am to weak and fatique to even be a mother right now,I pray alot,and after seeking so many different treatment opptions and trying everything made possible to me my options are run out.In my case my Lupus came and never left or slept,because of the activeness and the progress over the years lupus has affected every bone,every joint,every organ,including my skin my oxygen,my eye sight,my hearing,and loss of memory.This is just 1 patient that should have a rightful spot in a good pain clinic,without having to provide an MRI with my referall and all my medical records. YEP they told me I had to get a MRI done and I had to pay for it.Well let's just say this story,my word and work is making lots of progress after this incident,once the news and DEA and state auditors here a conversation between the doctor at the pain clinic and my PCP.My DR. says I would like to get Kimberly an appointment scheduled at your next availability?The DR there says ok you are? I am her PRCD,and after months of evaluation,and extra extensive test,frequent visits to her rheumatologist with no progress, I have m sade my decision that the best and most beneficial treatment for at this time is extensive longterm pain management.I have declared her has a terminal chronic pain patient,with bone and nerve damage that is irreversiable this is the result of the wear and tear of her body from the lupus,accompanied by her major fatigue and depression,and the unfortunate aspect that her doctors were unsuccessful at getting kimberly's lupus in remission.This plan has been explained to her on my part as being the chance for her to be able to live and feel as normal and best that we can get her,she is aware of the terms here,and that this is not a cure for her disease nor a guarantee at this time.PC dr Well we are taking new patients,we have a small waiting time for an appt. but not long,we will have her come down here and sign the realease for you to send her records and referall ,now question quickly is her MRI less than @ years old?MY PCD ACTUALLY im sorry she will not be providing a MRI with her medical records because she has done been appproved by the supervisor of state and pain control,I done all of this already so she is goood to go,PC DC well mam I will NOT bve able to set her appt. based on medical records becuse our policy states an MRI less than 2 years old and im sorry but if she wants to acquire that,then once we recieve all her info we will proceed in getting her in for an appt ok,So basicly if i had another patient with a MRI and I just decided beecause of favortism to call and push for a referall he would be in your clinic and have a script of 50 oxycodone by the weekend,and Kimberly will go on about her daily struggles as she has suffered this long a few more weeks cant hurt,Mr.herniated disc is feeling all good and hi being over prescribed narcotics,and MRs.Terminally ill chronic lupus patient Kimberly spends her christmas in unbearable pain while she can't even help put together her childrens toys that need to go together,she crys and suffers and struggles once more because once again a undercertified pain clinic and uneducated doctors and nurses have failed to take the time once again to understanding a World wide disease that is affecting more and more americans each year. This year in 2012 113,000 new cases of lupus were recorded as new diagnosis,yet we are no closer to finding a cure today as we were 12 years ago. Though they are medications that can help slow the flares,and medications that can stablelize the disease,thier is no cure,and no new information. This is my story, 1 in every 10 adults are diagnosed with SLE in the united states alone.Please get involved and help these victims of lupus,Lets get this fatal disease labeled as the cancer it is,"The Worst Cancer You Can get"The most Painful and disabling"But as

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mscontin200 Says:
learn english

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Renee Says:
eclinicmd is in north georgia.u just go there once or twice a year and keep in touch with them via email or phone once a month

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stelo Says:
No doctors will write anything more than perk 10s around here, and for those that have real problems they end up getting treated like crimanals here in NC

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Tits Says:
via mobile
Kimburli is probably flying off narcotics which give her the ability to ramble on nonsensically and in contradictions.

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f100ford Says:
Deborah I live in nebraska and travel to cali. to see a dr for my pain meds .

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f100ford Says:
I know of a couple in cali. that take out of state patients. f100ford

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Nosy nancy Says:
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U have no 1 to talk2 either??

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InPain Says:
Hello f100ford! I moved out of Cali over a year ago. Had a great pain mngmt doc there but now I am out of state. You mentioned some docs that accept out of state patients? Any help would be utterly appreciated! THX SO MUCH! :)

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HuLa Says:
Hey Kim... so sorry for your struggles in life and with your difficult disease ... it is a sad day when we have to suffer.. I DO understand. There was one part I have to put my 2 cents in on (hope you don't mind) The part I had a problem was about the working American that left the dr office then went to his pharmacy and THEN doing his heavy lifting job. I cant judge the person you describe because I was just like him/her ... when I was dx'ed with MS and Fibro it was a slap in my face.. I thought the dr meant I was about to die soon... sounds silly but that was my initial reactions... and I KNOW you have been there.. I think. We hear a diagnoses and denial is usually the first response. So long story short.. I kept working as long as I could... ON MEDS.. and you bet I worked harder than anyone because I wasn't going to let my disease be a badge to slack off. I continue to work.. as long as I could.. well one day I couldn't get out of bed.. when I could I had already called into work.. I made it to the couch.. I don't think I moved much for hrs... (I wasn't in denial about what the dr told me anymore,, I was letting the diagnoses sink in.. I WASNT GIVING IN EITHER.. I was only recalling the words. So in short story form that is my story.. ok now I will tell you 2nd part I haved moved a million times since the (or so it feels lol) because my husband did 32 yrs in the Militaary.. well now we have found a home and trying to settle in... BUT I cant get a dr.. so I understand your frustration about what you have been thru getting a knowledgable dr.. I am at my wits end.. Sorry for being long winded... I wanted you to know I understand and your not alone.. prayerssssssss and hopes you have found relief xoxooxxoox

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Susie Says:
via mobile
Wow! Hello mrs self righteous! How's that working for you? You basically said that if you had a bulging disc, you'll receive any n all pain meds...lmfao!! Ohhhh sweet Kimberly! I do feel for you! I really do! But here's my story!

I was drug by a quarter horse, they break at speeds of 40-50 mph, a quarter horse can't run very far if it breaks into a full run, maybe you've seen a quarter horse race? A quarter horse is BIG, not Budweiser horse big but big! My foot was in the stirrup when I was being drug, some kids had let some fireworks off in a nearby park thus spooking her into a full run! As I rode under her, bouncing off the ground, being kicked in the head and back so many times my back was pure black n blue, I had a concision I can't describe. A few years later I had a baby, during that time Im back would get "stuck", I couldn't move without pain so horrible it sent shock waves that felt like being pulled apart.

My son was 3 months premature, flown flight for life on a respirator as his lungs hadn't developed yet. My spine was the reason he almost died. I could never carry a child full term but my spine was never followed up on. Glad forward 15 years, I'm working, a jr executive at a national step away from the VP position. Ranking top 2% in the nation, my back hurt but I thought I'd pulled a muscle in my leg! After waking up one morning not able to move in pain I'd never ever experienced, not even after being drug by the horse! I could not walk, I CRAWLED TO THE BATHROOM IN TEARS!! Doctor after help!

I finally did receive a MRI after having to fight for it!! It took 9 months!! I'd decided to end my life after my oldest son, born premature also...had graduated high NO ONE WAS TREATING MY PAIN OR DISCOVERING WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME! All I knew was a life of hell. After the MRI, I was sent to a neurosurgeon...he took my RUPTURED DISC OUT..he told me AFTER SURGERY HED NEVER SEEN A DISC ACTUALLY COME OUT BY ITSELF WHEN HE CUT INTO THAT AREA, he said it was under so much pressure it popped out like a giant shrimp! How were you able to walk he asked me? I WASNT!!! I'd told him over n over n over...a fancy talking doctor came by and said I'd be better if I had an artificial disc as opposed to a fusion. He made it sound like the cure of all cures! As my disc was totally gone, I had bone on disc didn't just BULGE , but it did at first and I couldn't walk!!! The hell I went through when it RUPTURED can't be explained!

After the Pro disc an artificial disc was implanted I had problems, the disc above the one I had taken out was tore, out it came too, but no fake disc, a fusion this time! After a major surgery I was provided with 5mg Percocet not IV drugs as natural after a surgery they just removed a part of your body and drilled screws into my vertebra that would hold a weight loading beam in place building a house...yes, there that BIG! Repeat this 8 more times....that's where I'm at! I've had doctors ignore me, stereotype me, I CAN NOT go to an ER no matter what condition I'm in...because I did twice three years apart due to being diagnosed with a addiction. I'd been placed in 5mg vicodine, for 5 years after no pain treatment at all for 3 body was in FIGHT OR FLIGHT from being UNDER MEDICATED..I tried to die!! I actually blacked out and tried to kill heart didn't race, I was not afraid, I was at peace..knowing the pain would end once and forever. No more judgmental doctors refusing me help. I live in a small rural area where it's tea party central, if you take RX drugs, your a drug addict! I can't live this way.

For some reason I'll never know the semi going 75mph was able to not hit my car by a fraction of an inch! I have no idea how that was possible, or what the poor truck driver must have thought! If he knew I was not in my real mind, he'd probably took me to a hospital where they'd label me as an addict and I'd never receive pain management drugs again. I am in a clinic now that had a new doctor come in, he was the kind of doctor who knew my pain better than me! All the progress I'd made with my previous doc had been destroyed by one over zealous doctor...he's been fired thankfully but I now face 6 days without meds...I just put on my last patch today, and have 6 pain pills left..I can not have my meds filled until the state says I can even tho it was not my fault he'd cut me short two times in a row...I used my "cushion" of spare drugs the month before, thought I'd make it this month, but my husband went to work 160 miles one way to start his career again in his profession. I am stuck alone, with no help for the past 3 weeks..every day I do EVERYTHING! I'm not to lift 5lbs, twist or bend..sitting down puts 250 pounds of pressure on the spine, for a 110 lb person, this is why most of us prefer to lay down! I weigh 123lbs, I can not lift my grandchildren! I missed my granddaughters baptism, because it was 150 miles away at day works like this: I wake up at 9 ish...I take pain meds to get my bearings to move my spine, it feels like it's twisted in loops, it feels hallow an ice cold water is being poured down my spine..

The bottom of my spine where my tailbone is, feels like it's being squeezed with a vice, a 400lb weight is on takes the meds about an hour before I can bath, I can't shower as my shower is not handicap equipped as I'm 48 not 65, in my area you MUST BE OVER 65 to receive help, even tho the law is not designed that way, it's actually meant to provide me with the services I need! But the tea party in my area controls all, even DORA..CHIP, any agency! So after two months of being under medicated, loosing one fentynal patch while spraying thistle in my meadow in high humidity I didn't notice it'd fallen off until later that evening, being alone to do all tasks to run a home and care for 4 pugs, I'm now facing 6 days no meds!

I've never been in this position in 11 years! I just suffered..I was doing much I didn't relies I had not the regular full amount and my "cushion" was gone. My husband who had a back surgery that was successful stopped receiving pain meds 2 months ago, I find my pills are going quicker and I found out he's been buying off the street! But with my current situation, (FYI I never buy off the street) ever!!!! He's decided I'm a junkie he can't stand behind or with...I just got this news yesterday!

How sweet if the bastard after 31.5 years...I'm really hurting right now, and I have a choice to make; do I drive 300 miles to my doctor? That's painful in itself, or do I say f*** it, I'm done? I leave it all behind and move to Europe where the DEA, FDA, and all the politics stay out of Medicean or do I grab the cotton mouth rattlesnakes I've got in a cage and go to the country, throw my keys, no cell phone and put my wrist and arm in the cage? I know I'll die, it's why I have them! So one day I'd know peace if I needed it. Well it's at that time!!

If you think a bulging disc that pinches every nerve you have is less than Loupes, (sorry about autto correct all the way)!! Or the majority of is spine ppl don't suffer as much as a chronic condition with a name, your wrong! Ppl see me do things I SHOULDNT do, but I have NO CHOICE!! Who's going to feed my dogs, water my lawn, make my bed, cool food? I don't eat anymore...the pain has been so bad the last two months I can't eat, it's sick to even think of!! I'll weigh 115 real soon, an ppl will blame it on meds not PAIN!! It's the PAIN THAT MAKES ME NOT WANT TO EAT, THE PAIN MAKES ME WANT TO DIE!!

Trust me when I say, you are not above anyone else regarding pain!! It's a b****, but we've got to ALL LIVE, not just a few! I BELIEVE YOU HURT, just by saying so. How do we know the men you "seen" lifting 3 bags of shingles into a roof is true?? Normally the shingles are delivered and placed on the roof!! Who's to say the mans not using his arm and leg muscles to avoid his back? Or he's medicated fully before and after so he can work? You'd also had to follow this man from the clinic, to his job site an that sounds a bit crazy to me, unbelievable too! You DONT know HOW ANYONE FILLS until your in THEIR SHOES! But by singling out these folks over an MRI, sounds like you've got your way too long! And your mad because Americas rules apply to you as much as me, and ever cancer victim out there! It only gets worse now, all the best to you with this America we live in now! If you want to be mad, point your finger at lawmakers, demand change, we should offer rehab clinics to those who really need it! But to call any suffering less then another is garbage! Hope you get help you need!! I'm not, so death or Europe here I come!!!

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Tennille Says:
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I seen where someone here has lupus . I to have lupus , fibro, and all kinds of other health issues. I was going to a pain center . After 2 years they said I failed a drug panel for pcp and oxy !!! I absolutely was shocked !! I never have done either of them !!! I said can it be my other meds ? They wouldn't even give me a chance to pay out of pocket for a hair sample ! So now I have no idea what to do . I am in terrible pain ! I called another doctor and they called the day before my app to say they could not give me any medical treatment esp pain meds!!! I can't go on like this forever. Anyone have any idea what I can do about this ??? Help !!!!

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Driving Thoughts Says:
I will have to disagree with you on the fact that if you have a chronic condition that you will not always receive pain medication regardless of how bad it is depending on the state. Also, there are some people which are legitimately needing this stuff and not looking to try and make a quick buck.

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ANG Says:
People are looking for out of state pain management because all the other states are limiting the pharmacies to certain amounts of pk's. If you gon't get there - its 1st come, 1st serve. Once the pharmacy in your area is out of pills thanks to the DEA, people who need it just have to suffer - THAT'S WHY. Some are addicts for sure, but the others need it and the addicts get in first, leaving the really needy patients without due to DEA restrictions on pharmacies. That's our government for you.

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Chris Says:
via mobile
You think you're special? What because you have a terrible condition you are more needing of pain meds than anyone else? Its people like you that really get s*** blown out of proportion. You are right you do need it. However, you are not the only one that needs it!

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Happytooheal Says:
Hello idk if you can help me with a good pain management in Los Cal I'm from Ohio but will be living tempary with my sister in LA I had a Lower back fusion operation still walk with cane 3 titanium rods in my back in pain and Ohio is hard for the people like me that really needs help they treat everyone like addicts put you on and then cut you off like that ...

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Walter White Says:
Had a very similar situation happen to me - I had to take a full day off work to drive back home and see my pain docs Nurse Practitier because the new rules say you have to be seen every 90 days even if nothing has changed and theres no real reason for the appointment! I drive 4 hours to the appt which has my back SCREAMING... all so my docs NP can walk into the room for 30 seconds and ask me "have there been any changes with you hon? No? Ok, well we'll see you again in a few months... Oh, we're gonna need a UA while you're here" I take it with every confidence there is nothing in my body that shouldn't be and everything there that should as always. I get a call the next morning at 9AM from some front desk girl telling me there was an "irregularity" in my UA and I needed to come in by 4pm that day and take it again. I explained to this nice young lady that I was 5 hours away, Inside Dollywood, and that I was under the gun from my boss and the park to get 2 days worth of critical welds done on this new waterslide we are putting in for them by the end of today because I had to take yesterday off and drive home to be seen for 30 seconds or I wouldnt be able to get my medicine because it would have then been more than 90 days, and that - to put it as plainly and nicely as I could - if I even attempted to leave this job to drive up there and take another UA I would lose my job GUARANTEED.

Doing so would have put the company I work for, and their client -the park- in a hell of a bind because there was about ZERO chance of them or anybody finding another welder who had the right certs to make those critical structural welds who could/would be there that day and take over another mans half done work so he can go somewhere and take a UA, and if I had left them in that predicament, effectively grinding that entire project to a halt, costing them an untold ridiculous amount of money, with their big client in their ear saying WTF the whole time... I mean why wouldn't they fire someone who bailed on them like that with no notice - the day after having to take a personal day at a critical time when it was way to busy to be doing so - I simply told her "Darlin, I don't know what "Irregularities means, but unless you're telling me that my urine is saying I'm pregnant, or you're pretty sure I'm an alien then I just can't really imagine a urine irregularity serious enough for you, the doc, or anyone in your office to ask me to lose my job to come straighten out... can you?" She didn't find it funny and told me if I didn't come take the UA again by the end of the day I would be dropped as a patient! Which I was. Turns out my results were positive for Methamphetamines!! I've never even seen Methamphetamines except for the blue stuff on Breaking Bad!! LOL Regardless of several calls and sensible logical pleas for understanding with the NP, Doc, & Office Manager they chose to treat me/see me me as a user who refused to come in and take another UA!

To Top all this off - my online medical record had a link to my detailed diagnostic results which came from the lab where my urine was processed, and do you want to know what the bold lettering right under the POSITIVE for METHAMPHETAMINES said??? "This UA is unable to differentiate between L-methamphetamine and D-methamphetamine and should therefore not be used for patient management or treatment decisions." Turns out one is in Everything from OTC cold medicine to Vicks inhalers to certain Vitamin Supplements and in no way makes you feel high or is illegal - and the other is the blue stuff on breaking bad... and this f***ing UA cant even tell which one you're positive for... but they dropped me as a patient over that. The other f***ed up part is that if I attempted to take any legal action over them using that UA in the course of a patient management decision they would simply cover their ass and say that I was dropped as a patient for not taking another UA within the allotted time, and not because the original results had an irregularity BUT as soon as I tried to get a new doctor to handle my shots and my pain meds you bet your ass they got a big red paper right on top of my med records that said this feller here failed his last UA for METHAMPHETAMINES and was then dropped as a patient!! What are we to do when we get f***ed over like this huh??

Well the only thing I was able to do was to go back to my family doc and explain what happened... get him to request all my records from that pain management facility, and then he gave me a referral to a new Pain Clinic... I came there with all the records pertaining to my injury and condition and all prescription information from the last place in hand... basically everything but that blaring red F This Guy page on top and the new doc didn't even ask me why I was no longer going to that PMP... he did a thorough (45 min) assessment on me for himself (gait, motion restriction diagnostics, pain reaction analysis, muscle strength evaluations, and hit me with his little triangle rubber hammer in about 15 spots I didn't even know you could induce a jerk out of! He checked my arms for track marks and my nose for? Redness, irritation, I don't know? He asked me about my medication habits and my typical day and my pain and f***in actually acted like he cared!! That was a first for me, and I've seen more than a couple PMS! In the end he asked me if I had tried a couple medications that I had unfortunately already given a shot, and then wrote me exactly what I was on before and sent me on my way.

I'm not sure if this would work for you... not everyone has a Primary Care Physician who literally pulled them from their mama's womb and has been their doc their entire life and would even sit still long enough for them to explain their predicament - let alone agree to help them find a new doc knowing they would be neglecting to share their medical record in its entirety with that new doc so... I'm sure this same thing can be done other ways. Go to the old place and get your records yourself - they have to give them to you. Go to your Primary or get a new one, and give him your records minus the failed UA and see if he will write your meds until you can get an appt with a new PMP... most primary's will do this as it's usually just writing your meds for a month or so until you can get into a new specialist. Tell your primary the doc pissed you off somehow or you got horrible service at that clinic and felt neglected as a patient and you just wanna try another clinic in the hopes that they will treat you with a little more respect/consideration/compassion... whatever you wanna tell him... could work that way too. This was a f***ed up situation to find one's self in that's for sure!

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