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roganne m. clark Says:

Has anyone considered that those who have to open those little packets might also have arthritis?
They are the most difficult little packets to open. If one didn't have decent fingernails, you couldn't even do it.

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Verwon Says:

If you let your pharmacy know, they will change the packaging for you to make it easier for you to use it.

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mary urbanek Says:

No kidding! I have a hard time even with cereal boxes. Pill bottle tops, too. Even when you tell them you don't need child-proof caps.

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FrustratedDaughter Says:

My 87 year old mother uses Spiriva and swears that her capsules are defective....empty. She pinches them and doesn't feel anything inside. After she has used them, she says they are cracked (not just poked) and that nothing (no powder residue) is left. We can't return them to the pharmacy to check because they come via mail service. And yes, they are reputable; same company provides her respiratory equipment. Any suggestions?

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Doris Says:

I thought the same thing about Spiriva but when I broke one open, I did find a small amount of powder. Evidently, it doesn't take much to be effective.

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