Oxycontin 80 Mg Op Are They The Same

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I recieved oycontin 80 mg but instead of oc on the side it has op?
Any information would help.

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Verwon Says:

This is the new version of Oxycontin, called Oxycontin OP, it has been specially designed to help prevent abuse and diversion. If someone tries to crush them to abuse the medication, it will not make a difference, they still retain their time released formulation.

It still works the same as the original and carries the same risk of side effects: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

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Is there anything else I can help you with?

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paul maron Says:

Is this a permanit souliton to miss use?

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Sck of Loosing Friends and Loved Ones Says:

Let the OP be the new OC......i think only terminally ill ppl should be prescirbed OC, or someone with chronic pain and a small dose at that. No Human can stand 4-5 80mg OC per day i dont care how much pain your in, So where are they going but out into the hands of our friends, family, and most of all OUR CHILDREN- (THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD) I do not agree with it. So if your sellin them save your life and others and STOP- Get enough medicine for your pain and thank god that it helps dont get greedy and kill others, And with that being stated I can maybe sleep better tonight. God bless all you in pain and all you addicted to this horrible life sucking drug. The inventors are setting back in their penthouse suites and mansions watching these things take over- PRAY TO GOD HES THERE TO HELP

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OMG Says:

Does any one no if all the mg(ie 30, 40, 60) of OC's are changing to OP.... i just received my 80's and they say OP

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Verwon Says:

Yes, they are changing them and doing away with the original Oxycontin, from current reports, no more of the original will be made. They will continue to sell it, until they are out of stock and then the only thing available will be the new Oxycontin OP.

And yes, this includes ALL available dosages of Oxycontin.

This, however, DOES NOT apply to other formulations such as the regular release Roxicodone or the immediate release OxyIR.


Are there any other questions?

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Amy Says:

I hate to tell you this but OxyIR is no longer available according to th Purdue Pharma website.

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Amy Says:

I have been in chonic pain for years, until the past six. During this time I have been on the same dosage of Oxycontin for 5 years. The new medication is less effective, and has caused me headaches, nausea, bloating and cramping. Maybe you would like to eas plastic 3 time a day but it's not really working for me. I have a daughter to raise a business to run moung a million other things just like everyone else. This has already caused my productivity to rapidly decrease at work & home. However, who cares about the good people this medication was helping to live a normal life. Praise the lord that junkies will have to shot with something else. I love a country where I come second to the habits of junkies, maybe they shouldn't sell needles to diabetics for the same reason

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Danny Says:

I agree the new pills make me sick!! I had finally found a safe an effective drug for my severe arturitis. I went to 2 years of treatments and drugs , none worked. i was usising a walker and not working. I take 2 80's in the am and 1 @ bedtime. I was back to work being a productive person again. The FDA always punishes the people who the drug helps. Junkies will find a way to do these and next thing you know it will be off the market!!! this is nuts.

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wow....listen up well but DNT ABUSE! Says:

listen to ur selves...now lady with tha business...i truely do feel for u....but u ppl cant honestly say that habitually taking this drug for pain hasnt produced a co-dependency on self medication...not to get high....but to feel good and ok...wen u dnt get a sufficient amount in a sufficient amount of time u get sick...it drags u dwn... u shake u cant eat u cant sleep...thats withdrawls...dnt justify this with excuses and blame games...this isnt highschool...bu i do have a simple solution....all u junkies r s**tt outta luk...forget snorting forget shooting...they design this pill for digestion and time release...to work around this is very simple... coke-cola...takes rust off of pennies...itll eat thru chemz easy...drop sufficient amount after breaking/ powderizing into a shot glass of coke...let it sit for an hour and ull get an instant release...but be careful....this much oc to the body mite just stop it from werkin...

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Jonette Says:

i agree with both of you( Danny and Amy) i had finally got my pain under controll with the 80 mg. oc,after years of trying all the others.now this! i didn't even have warning that these op's were coming. i never told anyone that i was on them because i didn't want people asking for them,so i was never in a conversation with anyone about them.when i got these new op's i took them as normal and noticed that i was not getting relief after the first hour.second hour just some relief,but by the third hour, it felt like my eyeballs were trying to jump out of my head,my heart started to race, and my brain felt like it was being fried.i went like that for 8 hours i was so miserable.i was so afraid to take the next dose. i did,only i cut it in half even though i knew i wasn't suppose to,but i feared the whole one.i still got the being fried feeling. i could not tell if these were working on my pain because the being fried feeling was so intense. that went on for the next 4 days.now the fried feeling has stopped,but i am not getting the pain relief i got before.actually i go into withdraws before the next dose,because it does take three hours before they start to work. i am so afraid of these new op's,and i don't know what to do about them. i'm concerned about what this is that makes them glue together,about this being safe to be in my system.i've searched site after site trying to find whats in them, but all i get are people complaing about how they can't get high anymore.noone cares if they are safe or not.if anyone can tell me whats in them,or tell me where to search for that info i would be grateful. if anyone is or has changed to something else,i would like to know what that is and if it works on pain as good as the oc's did.i don't know what to do.do i stay on the op's or do i change to something else. i'm not looking forward to 2 years of trying something new untill i find what works or if anything will work the same. i'm in a wheelchair,but i'm not completely paralyzed and i do feel the pain. any help at all would be appreciated so much. good luck of relieving your own pain.

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i stand behind perdue Says:

Let me tell you non believers that think 5-6 80s are too much. I have several slipped discs from the mines and 2 leaking not including my male parts that were damaged. I also tried to ride motorcycles for a little recreation and then had 2 accidents before i had to hang my hobby up. I have owned a business ofr many a year and if not for oxycontin and codone i can not run my shop and feed my family. The problem is the abusers. my best friend was an abuser,he is gone and tears are pouring as i write this. want ot know what my dosage is? Keep in mind i have an abnormal colonostomy and you never know as my whole family has history of killer cancer. So i may be screwed. I do not stay high,i do not take xanax although it is prescribed and only taken after i am home off the road. My dosage is 180 30irs, 150oc 60s and 150 oc 80s and if not for these my business would fail. all my clientale including body shop and insurance companies know i am to notch. So yes oxycontin is a life saver and i may be in an ad soon. but the junkies have got to stop.

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Naomi Jade Patterson Says:

I am a Nurse in my area. Before I became a nurse I broke my hip. Doc gave me OC 80's. I took them as prescribed which was 4 per day! This was 5 years ago. I still get them and now need them more than ever. Not for my hip but for my life. I shake, sweat, have seizures, vomit, etc.. Its bad. Im stuck for life! Yet I take care of people everyday.. High!! Its sooooo sad that these Docs ruined my life. Its soooo sad the Gov wont do anything! Im fighting congress writing a letter everyday and mailing it on my way to work stating we need to change the law. If you take a pharm product and become addicted and you do it as prescribed the MAKER of the medicine should have to pay for your rehab to get you clean!!! NO matter how long, how much, or how many times you go. I followed the bottle and still am addicted. If you agree with me check for my web site in October PayformyRehab.com. Pray for me and wish me well! My mom has terminal Cancer she needs her OP's. I did not need them for a Broken hip! My Doc seemed to think otherwise. I wonder if he wouldve gave them to his daughter for a broken hip? NOT! I also want to fight Congress to make another new law. All DOCs should have to take pain killers for 1 year before they get there license so that they can truly understand what its like to come off of them. Tell you what some Docs wouldnt become Docs cause they wouldnt be able to stop. Others that stopped and became Docs would always remember there pain before they prescribed them 2 a patient! Change is coming my friends!

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legitpain Says:

this goes out to wow listen up dont abuse. why are you even on this page if you dont take the oxy 80. you are here because you are taking them.you have a lot of nerve calling people with legit pain junkies. what your problem is you are pissed off because you CAN NOT get high off these pills anymore.you and people like you are why the meds have been changed.you are the one making excuses and acting like your still in high school. how do you know what withdrawl feels like. its because you take these pills to get high you big jerk. your the one making excuses and playing the blame game.now you go find something else to get high on and let us with legit pain deal with the new pills.whats wrong with you is now that you cant get high from the oxy's you are pissed off with the people that have legit pain.

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Roger Says:

Pattersons comments that she should take 4 oc,s a day when its only 2 time release pills per day

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Jessie Says:

Why is it some people get angry at people that were injured and need medication to feel better. I take 6-80's Oxy a day, yes they made me feel better. That's what pain meds are supposed to do. I don't have slurred speech, I can carry on a conversation or anything else aside from doing much with my legs. Even then the Oxycontin helped improve my walking by reducing the pain. Now these stinking OP's came out. So now I'm back to sitting on the couch all day because they don't work nearly as well. I'm not interested in getting high, I just want a somewhat normal life.

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Jessie Says:

To Roger- I know they make 180's, yet my doctor prescribes 3-30's twice a day. When I took 40's he had me take 6 to 8 a day. When first taking 80's he prescribed 2-80's 3times a day. I guess it's because that's what the pharmacies carry. They also work different for each person in addition how long you have been taking them. For me it's been over 10years after falling 40ft off a power pole. So don't assume somebody takes them incorrectly. The doctor makes the orders.

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Jessie Says:

To Roger- I know they make 180's, yet my doctor prescribes 3-80's twice a day. When I took 40's he had me take 6 to 8 a day. When first taking 80's he prescribed 2-80's 3times a day. I guess it's because that's what the pharmacies carry. They also work different for each person in addition how long you have been taking them. For me it's been over 10years after falling 40ft off a power pole. So don't assume somebody takes them incorrectly. The doctor makes the orders.

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tom Says:

they dont make 180s.. they USED to make a 160 180 is never a mg that was used

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Lou Says:

I am one of the abusers you all hate and i do feel horrible that many of you cant live your normal lives because of addicts and these new OPs. But nobody is gaining from this as many people who get high using oxy's will now switch to heroin. Its not going to make anyone quit, its just hurting everyone. Just a way for Purdue to save its ass from lawsuits.
- Much Love

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