Oxycodone Yellow Round Pill C 230

Nycole Says:

I have c 230 yellow pill but for some reason not all of them line up perfectly with the marked c 230 when flipped over , is this normal for this pharmaceutical company to not line up the marks perfectly when flipped over seems like the 230 can be sideways or upside down? ?

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David Says:

Hi Nycole,

Did you get this pill filled at a licensed pharmacy? If not, a lab analysis would probably be the only safe way to tell if it's legitimate. Counterfeiters can easily purchase pill presses off the internet and compose whatever type of tablet they want, making it look virtually identical to the real thing (but often have minor to moderate deformities such as what you described).

When I look at a legitimate image of a 10/325 generic Percocet tablet (made by Alvogen Inc.) that's round, yellow and marked with a fancy "C" on one side & the numbers "230" on the back, those digits are aligned perfectly.

The other discrepancy I noticed based on your description is that you indicated "c 230" is all on one side of the pill... Is this correct? The "230" and "C" should actually be on opposite sides of the pill.

Does anyone else have information to add that could be of help?

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Nycole Says:

It is on opposite sides, C on one side, flip over and 230 on the other side yellow round some do line up like normal but some don't, that's why I questioned the inconsistencies, just didn't seem normal. It was purchased by a licensed pharmacy just never seen it like this before. Made me wonder. Thanks for your help!

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Queenannie68 Says:

I've been receiving from the same Pharmacy I always go to some medications that have NOT been perfectly lined up with their markings. This really makes me "wonder" where this Pharmacist is ordering his drugs from. Because, not too long ago there was a discussion about "FAKE PILLS" going around. They said, "ALL LEGIT MEDICATIONS SHOULD NEVER HAVE ANY DEFECTS AT ALL. AND THAT THEY SHOULD LINE UP PERFECTLY ". I was inside the Phamacy at the time when this "Medical Program" was on the Pharmacist's T.V...So, every since then I've paid closer attention to the medications I receive from the Pharmacist. I DON'T know, "IF" I SHOULD mention it to the Pharmacist or not. I do feel like I'm getting crap. Maybe I SHOULD switch Pharmacy's. (ANYBODY EXPERIENCE ABOUT THE SOMETHING WITH THE MARKINGS ON THE PILLS NOT LINING UP??)

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