Oxycodone Blue Pill A 51 Fake?

Natalie Says:

So confused.. There are some of these that are really crumbly and look a lot darker than the ones I originally saw. They taste a lot grosser and are unpleasant.. They also melt in your hand and I didn't recall them doing that before..

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David Says:


First things first, depending on whether or not you're getting these filled at a real licensed pharmacy (which you didn't mention), there's really no way to know if what you're getting is real outside of having each tablet analyzed by a lab for verification. This is because counterfeits are becoming increasingly similar to legitimate versions of the same drug, often possessing the same imprint, color, and shape. So in my opinion, the most important thing you can do in such situations is to just be upfront and honest with yourself; and truly ask yourself "if you got them from other means", would you trust that they're real when they start falling apart in your hands and taste completely different than what you're used to taking? I for one probably wouldn't. But if that's not the case and you are going through your doctor/pharmacy, inquiring about the drug company or pharmacy's quality assurance or perhaps filing a complaint sounds like it would be most appropriate when something doesn't seem right.

Does anyone else have advice to offer?

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norman Says:

A 51 is not a fake it is the real thing. It is just like the m30s. There is a new oxycodone out there but only available in a stronger dose and only for cancer patients. There is a post on line

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Just a friend Says:

I agree, they are different in strength as compared to a v, m, a215, or a k9. They feel like taking a 15 mg oxy. I do not like them, nor do I like the white 114's, because they feel like they are half the strength than the m's, v's, a215's, or k9's. I do not know why this is.

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Jimmy Crackcorn Says:

What mg? Sounds like nonsense to me

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Donna Says:

I Actually like the a51 better then the a215 and m30 I guess everyone is different

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Ret Says:

I got something like you described but it said k9 on them and I know what k9s were. They messed me up bad. Later I found out it was an illicit drug..they're making blues in Mexico..

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Sommer Says:

Donna. I agree with you. I have no problem with those either and they work for me. Just fine. As a matter of fact. I have had to cut them in half bc sometimes they are too strong and make my stomac upset. For any one else reading donnas post. I take my medicine as directed. Not to feel high. I use it for my real pain. I get it from my pain dr and at a real drug store.

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wowatnatalie Says:

Well natalie, ...if the pills have been banged around in the bottle it causes them to become fractured and brittle...i think, to answer this question, i think it's safe to say they are legit...

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Jimmy Crackcorn Says:

The A 51 is real. They just aren't real popular. They're kinda dark and speckled looking. If a pill crumbles or melts in your hand it's a fake for certain. Real blues of any brand are solid. They don't crumble either.

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VliciousV Says:

I believe that the A51s have an opiate blocker in them so that people are less likely to abuse them.

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Jrodo Says:

A 51 DOES NOT have an opiate blocker - please stop posting false information as it's potentially harmful.

Here is a link to the product on Amneal's website: prd03.apsiva.net/amneal/#/details/2023/52558642

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Al Capone Says:

No they don't man. That's the 10th time I seen someone write that dumb s***. Call up the manufacturing company and they will tell you that they DO NOT CONTAIN NALOXONE. They are the same as every other generic Roxi. People just read s*** and believe it.

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Gman3 Says:

Haha yes your so legit that's why your taking 30mg of Oxycodone for your pain when these meds were really made to treat cancer and aids patients

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Jared Says:

I have a picture of one I got that's dark blue:

A/215 Oxycodone 30mg Image

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John smith Says:

I don't know where this rumor originated that A 51's have a some kind of abuse blocker in them. It is not true. I have used these in all different forms.

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Jane Says:

I think the person was concerned that it was a fake pill that was pressed with fentanyl or another drug. People are doing this now. They try to pass them off as real pills from a pharmacy by making them look like real pills. But the consistency and color and texture and taste and sometimes the lettering and shape can all be slightly different than the real thing. People are dying because they buy pills they assume are an exact milligram and strength but instead are getting pills with who knows how much of a dangerous, deadly drug.

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Craig streetz Says:

If u keep meds in a daily dose or a weekly there are not air tight I can tell by months end if they were in bottle or not the humidity will soften them ,and yes I'm only using as prescribed by my dr ,my a214 get soft if left out in open air ,I have no small children to worry about

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Aldous Says:

There are some seriously misinformed individuals posting comments on this thread and some that just need stop thinking they are better than people that they themselves are guilty of being! Opiate blockers in a strong pure opiate????? WOW...... That still not as ridiculous as the level of hypocrisy of some posts here putting down people for not exactly living by rigid and underhanded rules! Someone came on here looking for info and they either got terribly misguided info or chastising advice!

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Miracle girl Says:

Yes, they have no opiate blocker, trust me, I have leukemia, and they work for me!!!!!!!! And I've been taking them for years for having my back broken, can also!!!! They still work

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Miracle girl Says:

No they do not, absolutely not, confirmed with pharmacist today!!!!

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