Oxycodone 30mg/opana Ir 10mg/soma/xanax 2mg

painman Says:

My doctor currently gives me roxicodone 30mg #360, Opana IR 10mg #180, Soma 350mg #120, and Xanax 2mg #90....the only problem now seems to be finding pharmacies willing to fill the oxy's. I was told by my pharmacy (cvc) that they now dont fill beyond 240. Anybody else have this problem in San Diego or know of a pharmacy that will honor the script? Or is this a new state-wide restriction I am unaware of?

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Redwoodcitypainsufferer Says:

Hey Painman, I haven't heard anything about CVS, but it wouldn't surprise me, they've always been annoying when filling my scripts for the 30's in the past. I always found that Walgreens always had a huge supply of 30's, especially if near a hospital.

IF you can't get 30's filled, I would go back to the doctor and have him split your script. Have him write 2 -2 week scripts, that way it's under their required #240 amount. I always had my doc do that bc when I had no insurance it was always to expensive to get the full month at one time. Good luck to you. What's the name of your doctor in San Diego? He sounds like he doesn't have a problem giving out medications, which is a huge problem I am having right now; trying to find a doc that isn't afraid to help with my chronic pain.

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Lone Wolfe Says:

May I ask who your doc is??? I'm in OC. I get less than half this and my DOC IS GETTING STINGY when I have 3 HERNIATED BULGING DISCS, 3 VERTEBRA, SCIATICA, OSTEOPOROSIS, AND ARTHRITIS. I'm barely functioning, as it is and he wants to cut me back. I just need to stay status quo. (Maybe a little raise.) Thanks, another chronic sufferer.

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kendo33 Says:

Take them to Costco or Sam's club, cheap and any issues they call it doc but I've filled prescriptions there multiple times, no issues

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Cs Says:

Cvs is worst. And that is a ton of stuff. I pray for you man. Wow. It's so tough to break free to be a normal person again but so worth it. It starts not to work but yet it's enough to kill a horse. So at some point it just doesn't work no matter how much. Then you take more run out early and are in the grasp of hell. So to answer. Cvs sucks.

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BBout Says:

I don't see how you can get it!Such an odd amt,per month?Don't make sense,I guess is ppl like your Dr,and I Hate to judge but,yourself is reasons why there's problems all over,if your on 2different kinds of Breakthrough,than that's a red flag as is,sorry,if ur sincere,that every 4hours is enough,and That comes to 180pills of oxycodone,also,my own experience,how will you ever relieve your self from fecal matter?Smh,good luck and I apologize for being a J.O.,I'm aware everyone is different,alsoim aware it's easy to establish a tolerance,I'd look into something else with a safe amt of what works for you.

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Chloezie Says:

Painman, I'm not being insensitive at all, but how have you not gone into respiratory arrest while taking all of that??!!!! Or renal failure? There are other, much safer meds to control chronic or severe pain. Please, find another Dr before you stop breathing in your sleep! I'm not judging, I've been there, done that & it's a miracle I'm alive

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AlwaysAWork Says:

Let's just cut through the BS no prescriber in this day and age will ever rx those ludicrous amounts of CDS's FACT!!!!

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Mudd Says:

You can use stool softeners for one problem, and the oxycodone for pain only last me 85 or 90 minutes! I get relief then the pain is back, so it can be quite easy to overdose trying to get out of pain in my opinion.

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Jimmy crackcorn Says:

Filled 360 for years but alot of the farms won't do it now. Walgreens I never had a issue as long as u have been there before. But any dr rxing 360 blyes these days is nuts. 270 tops is what I know of and 240 isn't rare. But when u mix in all those other meds I call BS. I know drs that do 240 blyes n 120 pans n soma.

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Jimmy crackcorn Says:

If this is who I think it is u live in OB painman.

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Glowgirlb Says:

Re: Jimmy crackcorn (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Can anyone direct me to a doctor for meds? I need a maintenance dose. Thanks!

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JJ Says:

consider yourself lucky you get all that. IN Florida you can't fill more than 90-120. and 120 is pushing it. and if you get pain meds AND Xanax or another benzodiazepine they're telling you in Florida to make a choice! I was getting both for years. not even high doses. and took as needed, never abused and my doc says you're getting one or the other. can't get both now! i said , that's like choosing between my arm and my leg!! i need both. he says can't, so pick! says dea would come in and take his computer, licenses. practice, and his family is more important!.. so i had to pick. and he lowered my dose!! my anxiety has skyrocketed. BUT without pain meds, i can't move. 3 other ppl i know with 3 different docs, had the same thing happen too. had to pick. yet we've been cut but the opioid epidemic is even worse.. now what? and why? because the problem is in the streets, the problem is fentanyl laced and black market street drugs. NOT with the pain patients and doctor/ patient relationships!!

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Mike Says:

Re: Jimmy crackcorn (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Can you help me out with the name of the doc ???

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