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I got my thyroid out 17 years ago and was put on Levothyroxine and was increased slowly until i was on 200mg per day and have been for a good few years. Some how what was left of my thyroid gland has started to produce thyroxine, so I became over medicated and the doctor has cut me down to 175mg per day. I feel really down and feel sick and bloated feeling, everytime I eat. My breasts have also became very lumpy. I also have all the signs of anxiety, sweat, palpatations, shortness of breath etc. I feel my doctor could do more, but she said she will take my bloods again in 3 months to see if I am on the right dose of thyroxine. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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I am sorry that you are feeling so miserable. I hate to see anyone suffering for any reason.

However, if you don't feel that this doctor is helping you appropriately, then you are not obligated to continue seeing her. You always have the option of getting another opinion.

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And if it were me, that's what I'd do. I'd get another opinion on the matter, preferably with someone that could do some more testing.

What type of doctor do you see, a general practitioner or a specialist?

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I see a general practitioner. My bloods were taken again last week, so I will find out today(14th Dec) what the results are.I was feeling a little better, the doctor put me on citalopram 10mg, the first 3 weeks were a nightmare as it made the anxiety worse. However now on week 5 and I can feel slightly nervous at times. I may need to have the thyroxine reduced again, have a feeling in my neck that feels tender and still feel sick on and of. Thanks very much for your reply.

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