Ovel Orange 30mg Better Then Round Orange 30mg

Penelope Says:

I use to get the oval orange 30mg on one side and back side just a line. Now I got the orange round 30mg with a + or x on back side and e404 on front is it better or worse then the 30mg ovel once?

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Penelope Says:

Is the round orange 30mg with e404 on front and + or x on back better then 30mg orange ovel with a line on back and 30 on front?

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David Says:

Hi Penelope,

Because substances like amphetamine tend to affect each individual differently, determining which pill works better or worse is solely a matter of personal opinion based on your own body chemistry and not necessarily someone else's. Unfortunately this means that the only way to know for sure how your body will respond is to try each pill for yourself (taking into account the different binders/fillers and how well their absorbed). Having said that, it may be a good idea to ask your doctor for a partial prescription and then decide after a couple weeks or so if it's right for you. This is just how I would approach it.

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Tony Says:

I don't care what is says on them AS LONG AS IT'S PEACH OVEL from Walgreens those are the best. Walgreens has the Peach OVEL answer CVS has the pink round at least in south Florida and this is the pill Capital, SO I know!!! Whatever you do do not get the purple ones round tablet that says 136 on them they suck and I believe they are manufactured in Asia they suck hairy toenails

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Barbara Says:

Not working, putting me to sleep ... Round peach colored generic Adderall (amphetamine salts) with M 30 imprinted on one side and an x crosscut on the back is not working at all on me. Is anyone having the same problem with this pill? It puts me to sleep & is prescribed to me for ADD but also for narcolepsy. Has anyone heard anything about fake pills? I got these from a CVS Pharmacy in Woodbridge, Va. Help???!

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