Oval Pink Pill With 123

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I would like to know what this pill is that may girlfriend is taken for depression.

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Crystal Says:

Found a match it's Atripla Click here to see a picture of the pill. If this is your pill it is a fixed dose combination drug for the treatment of HIV infection.

To learn more click on the link below...

Please note if this is not your pill, please post back, so I can locate the right pill.

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Peter Parker Says:

Omg! That is the pill, I'm am 100% certain,it's a pinkish pale color and she takes it once a night.

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Jonny Says:

Yes, it is for HIV infection. It is a combination of efavirenz 600 mg/, a non nucleoside/nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor, emtricitabine 200/mg, a nucleoside/nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor, and tenofovir disoproxil fumerate, also a nucleoside/nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor. This pill has three HIV medications in one to "attack the disease from different angles so to speak" to help reduce an infected persons viral load and increase their cd 4 counts. If a persons viral load is undetectable from the use of antiretrovirals, it is much more difficult to infect another person, about 1% chance however, always wear condoms regardless.... don't chance it, stay seronegative.

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XCareBearK-9 Says:

AND, if she is HIV Positive and hasn't informed you of that, she could be arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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Worried Says:

Is Atrilpa ONLY used for HIV infection control, or can it be used for anyother infection? If it is used for other infection, is it's widespread use common? My partner is also taking a round white tablet with what appears to be GX 126 or 120 or 128 written on it alos. Do you know what this is for? Many thanks.

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Jac Says:

Atripla is only used for HIV infections, nothing else. For people with HIV, it's common for newly, or recently infected people. Depending where you live, it can be quite expensive, costing upwards of $1500 per month in the US, or as little as $5 here in Australia.

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john doe Says:

I pay 2,200 a month for mine

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G Says:

It could alternatively be 80mg Simvastatin, a cholesterol lowering medication. Both look very similar.

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Michele Says:

Can't find answer on pill I have. It's a beige capsule with RP 123. I have stage 4 lung cancer and get confused about all the medicine I have to take. The pharmacy changes generics.

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sandra Says:

i need help my boyfriend has been taken this pill for a while and he always told me that it was for his heart. i finally looked online to see really what pill it was and cpome to find out its Atripla pink with 123 on it. i need him to pay for what he has done to me. please help

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