Otezla - Is It Working

Bmr163 Says:

I have been on otezla for 2 days and already have some changes along with some side effects. Looking for people taking this medication to discuss their progress.

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Verwon Says:

What types of side effects are you experiencing?

The FDA lists its most common ones as possibly including nausea, diarrhea, headache and cold-like symptoms.

Can anyone else that's on this chime in, please?

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Bmr163 Says:

Hi I am experiencing a few but nothing severe. .. nausea is the worst and it fades in and out, diarrhea at times and I did also get a bright pink rash scattered on more one side from my face to my shin. I'm not certain. It was related. I am almost at one month and about 90% of my psoriasis is gone, and I mean really gone. I have one area on my leg that swelled up and seemed to almost have a center that was infected and oozed a few days and that one spot has some white flaking left. My psoriasis had triple layered on me overnight after getting a steroid injection (which typically made it better) and ever since that shot was a constant issue esp. On one side (the side of shot). About 3 years of terrible patches on my legs from knees down and from elbows to wrists. I think I have at least 2 kinds and also think I have psoriatric arthritis but as far as i know that cannot be tested. I did also loose weight the first week about 6 lbs but since than I have indulged way too often thinking it would even out and gained it back. I am very impressed so far and hope it keeps it away.

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Mike Says:

I have been taking Otezla for 4 weeks and had really bad psoriasis on my head and behind my ears. It was so bad and scaly it would bleed when I itched it.

After 2 weeks of using it I could see my psoriasis was going away but it comes at a price. My stomach constantly feels bloated, and i had a bad cold from it.

Those side effects didn't stop me from taking it and here I am psoriasis free 4 weeks in. I've learned to stay away from acidic foods like orange juice and lemon in salads or on chicken.

I meet with my doctor in 2 weeks more weeks to see if I stay on it or come off.

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I had taken Otezla for 3 months and my skin got better. Lucky me I had no side effect at all. Now a few months have passed and the psoriasis came back. Is it possible to use this again and if so, what is the max duration of time that I can keep using it for?

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jeanne Says:

been on O for a little over a month, mostly to mitigate joint damage. Nausea is still pretty bad. I've learned to eat a little, take pill, eat more. That helps a little. Also dizziness to the point of almost passing out.A lot of tiredness and a nose that runs like a faucet.On the upside I've lost 6 lbs and my appetite is definitely suppressed, which isnt a positive for a chef. As I have diminished renal function, I only take 30 mg per day. Not the most effective med I've been on, and I've about done everything, but works OK and am hoping the nausea & dizzy part goes away soon.One thing I have to say-b4 you try a new med study on it The pharma never tell you all the stuff.


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