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CAIN Says:

Yes they are subutex 153 half moon and the are shaped like a surf board. They work way better then suboxone strips people keeps saying they cut the strips into millions of peaces if that is the case. You don't need them in the first place. This new one orange subutex 153 half moon surf board shape ones last way longer.. And work great oh my god they work so great! I recommend them to anyone using the white ones or the strips they both suck compared to the new ones. Take it of leave it but its the truth. If you take just a half it will last you two days...unreal.

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Anita Says:
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For these subutex do they taste disgusting like the strips. As of May 1st our physician decided not to do subutex anymore. Luckily I just had my baby I am worried about breastfeeding. An hate the taste of Suboxone it's like my body rejects it when u try to swallow the strip the taste is beyond my control. How would I go about asking about the 153 subutex the ones that are newer n better than the strips (Suboxone) n whites (subutex)? I live on an island that no one can get anything to but how can I find someone that can help me from relapse and help me with this problem? From the 907

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David Says:


I would think that you should be straight froward with any doctor about wanting to know if he/she is willing to prescribe a particular manufacturer's version of Subutex that you've heard works better than what you've been used to taking. Honesty is the best policy with doctors, as they can tell if a patient has less than legitimate intentions just based on body language and how they convey their message or request. If the strips you take now taste absolutely disgusting producing gag reflexes, I'd go on to mention how that discourages you from taking them as well. The worst they can say is no, but then again, every doctor has different policies they stand by, and there is no one-size fits all doc that will be guaranteed to prescribe what it is you want. So as far as finding help is concerned, getting in touch with the right doctor may just be a game of trial and error.

Sorry I don't have any specific details pertaining to your other question. Hopefully someone else with prior experience can shed some light on how the new one's taste in comparison.

~Wishing you good health always!

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Anita Says:
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Hey do these taste like the strips. I hate the tase of naloxone my body rejects it I get headaches an im hypersensitive an throw up. An would like to find a physician in south east alaska that would help me an find something that would make me throw up an help me with withdrawl. Are these 153 subutex really as good as people say?

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Kari Says:

Anita, I would be frank w/ your doctor. Also, while I was breastfeeding, my dr made a point to let me know that the naloxone in suboxone is not recommended as they do not know the affects on the baby. I was on subutex during that duration and I never had an issue. My prescribing dr as well as my ob-gyn both seen subutex as the better med to take during this time. If I were in your position (as I was when I was breastfeeding) I would simply ask my dr for the subutex. Level with them. Honesty is the best policy. And today was my first account with the new orange half moons & in my opinion, they DO taste like the strips. However I was on the white 54-411 while I breastfed & they did not have that taste & they were easy to dissolve so perhaps you should try getting those instead. Good luck.

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Jessyka Says:
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Omg. U said u r pregnant? Well congrats. But i worry about u using suboxone while pregnant. If ur dr is prescribing them to u while preg u need to find a new dr. Suboxone is not safe for an unborn child. Something about the Nalaxone (I think that's how it's spelled lol) being in suboxone that makes it unsafe. That's y dr's prescribe subutex to preg women. I just had my daughter 5 months ago n before pregnancy I was not prescribed any meds. I told my dr about my addiction I've struggled with n he placed me on subutex that day. I had my daughter full term and she was healthy as could be n to this day is a beautiful healthy normal baby girl. I will warn you tho. If you take subutex thru ur whole pregnancy there is a 50/50 chance them being born dependent but plz do not b discouraged. I was so worried about my baby being dependent n having to stay in the nicu for wks but praise God! My daughter was born just fine. She came home from the hospital n had very minimal signs of withdrawl. She was happy, ate alot, and so forth. I tried to decrease my dose at the end of my preg so that my baby as well could only b subjected to a low dose n I believe that is y she was fine. I started at 3 8mg tablets a day n by 30 wks I was taking about 2-4mg a day. I had a friend who took subutex the whole pregnancy n equaled out to about 3 8mg tablets daily n her baby was born with withdrawl symptoms n was immediately placed in the nicu n stayed there for 2 months. I personally believe the reason our sito was so different was because I decreased my dosage. I can say from research that I found baby's only get about 20 or so percent of what we intake. I'm sure u can do the math. If at the end u take a low dose like 2-4 mgs then that means ur baby will ingest a very small amount. I hope this helps n if u have anymore questions plz feel free to ask.

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Cafdog Says:

The new Orange ones seems to work better than the tiny white ones with the arrow. Just picked up my RX and let two dissolve just to see if they were the same quality as the white, definitely better.

I agree with another poster on here, if you are lucky enough to get subtex w/o the naloxone, make them last, cut them in half, and only take when you start to feel w/d. Dont just take because it says "take three a day!" it willl only make the addicition stronger. Weening is THE only way to get off of suboxone, that or go back to percocet or somtehing until the sub is out of your system then quit cold turkey.

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Cafdog Says:

Agreed so far the new activis 8mg 153 ones are awesome.

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Brendinni Says:

SO, I leave Walgreens today and notice my bottle looked a bit different for my (120) 8mg buprenorphine. Subutex. I cracked this big guy open and noticed some orange oblong's with a fresh zesty smell. I have been on bupe for 5 yrs, 3 yrs with suboxone (tablets and film), and the past 2 yrs I have been on subutex. about 6 months with the big round white ones (roxanne) and the last 1.5 yrs on the small white round ones with arrow on them (Hi-Tec)

ANYWAYS... Today is day 2, and I can only tell you that they do seem to last not only longer but they kick in quicker and kinda give me that ol' bupe kick pep in my step for the first hour or so after dosing. Needless to say I did experience a pretty bad headache this evening but I Do not believe it is from the bupe, as i have stated mine are just str8 bupe and DO NOT have naloxone in them.

SO FAR, SO GOOD. I truly hope i stay liking them. For the record, I take 4 mg at 8am every morning and 4mg at 4pm everyday.

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Roxanne Says:
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Just picked up the new peach surfboards subs. I've been on the white 8mg so i will report back. Happy sailings

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Brendinni Says:

Still doing pretty good on the orange 153 subutex by activas. I am finding that they last longer, 100 percent - no doubt. But The initial energy kick isn't quite as strong and doesn't last as long.

Overall - im diggin em, I have better relief in my lower back and legs than any BUPE HAS EVER DONE FOR ME. Thats the most surprising thing...

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Cafdog Says:

This is month two for me, I've made 90 last over 60 days, still have maybe 20 left, I am trying to 'half, half moon' from one of the suggestions on here. Before my doc switched me to subtext I was down to probably 2MG a day and stupid started taking entire subtex's after I was prescribed. Need to keep whittling down, one day will be free of this ball and chain, I hope we all are!

Haven't had the effectiveness falloff like the white/arrow ones. It felt like those didn't keep W/D symptoms away as long.

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Brendinni Says:

Cafdog, i hear you! They do seem to last forever. I naturally wake up between 6-8am at the latest and dose every morning for the past 5 yrs. Ive been on this medicine for 3 days and twice i forgot my morning dose until about 9 or 10 and I literally took it just to keep the schedule.. But now that I have 120 of these moons im going to start cutting back.

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Ber23 Says:
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That's great to know! I'm currently taking 2 mg Subutex a day and I am 28 weeks pregnant. I'm starting to ween myself down so by the end of my pregnancy I'm hopefully not taking anything! I'm glad to hear your baby was healthy and perfect!!

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Aish Says:

Brendinni,are you prescribed for pain or addiction? My husband has been on perks for close to 5 yes now & has just recently been shut off. Fortunately he has tried the subutex,not suboxen because they make him sick(gag) from the taste. He's now trying to find a Dr that will prescribe them for his pain. Any suggestions?

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Brendinni Says:

Depending on where you live, it can less or more difficult to find a doc willing to prescribe them to treat pain. But i Find, the right doctor - will be happy to hear your husband would rather be on bupe than percs...

My father is prescribed for pain, I am prescribed for addiction. + ive always heard and from my fathers experience, subutex works better for actual pain than suboxone anyways.

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Cafdog Says:

Good Job!!! Keep it up, keep breaking them in half and keep whittling down.

By the way, these CAN be faxed in to the pharmacy. I just got my last RX, going to go for it. 120 8mb moons and 180 2mg Xanaxes. I'm sure with enough self control it will be more than enough to quit.

I feel you Brendinni about skipping doses because you don't feel the urge. That's a good sign! :)

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Shawn Says:
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To the person who says a half last two days, you're wrong. Any amount you take will last three days. That's the way they're designed to remain in your system.

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medMAN Says:

I was doing 5 perks a day 30mg. I tries these 153 subs and I am feeling great. still have lots of back pain. I take some tramadols to help. It is 5 days now and I am trying to get clean. I do one a day. so far so good. Wish me luck and praying for a better life!
Be safe and God Bless you all!

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Brendinnix Says:

medMAN, I Will be thinking of you during this time! I KNOW exactly what you are going through and I Want you to know - that YOU CAN DO This! No matter how hard it may seem at times, just trudge on because once you get on the other side of this thing you will wake up every morning with the first thought on your mind being how worth it it was!

Hang in there, the transition was the hardest part so thats behind you. Now pray for a better live and listen to your body! Your body wants to be free, clean and as healthy as possible. I am on subutex but it is so much better than where I was!

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medMAN Says:

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I CAN DO IT! Pray for everyone who has this disease! It is just a day at a time! I do feel better! Keep on the straight and narrow path and everything will be alright! Stay strong all! and Believe in yourselves!
Thanks and take care!

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