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sammy Says:
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I refilled my monthly subutex Tuesday and received orange oblong tablets inscribed 153. My pharmacy has carried 54/111 over three years. Does anyone know if the orange ones are going to permanently replace all other generic Buprenorphine? Also, are any other patients experiencing loss in quality? Thank you

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Derek2017 Says:
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Been on subutex for 6 years. Been prescribed the 54/411 by Roxane for years and absolutely loved them. Did what they were suppose to do. A couple of months I was given the small hi tech arrow 8 white pills and I thought they were the worse ever until I picked up my script this month. These activis orange ones with 153 on them are horrible. Absolutely the worse. I would rather have the small ones any day over these. Please let me find a pharmacy with my Roxane's. I cannot do these activists brand. It feels like a placebo pill. This cannot be the same amount of meds compared to the other two.

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Poppygrl71 Says:
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Hi everyone!
In regards to people asking about the light orange oval shaped BUPRENORPHIN 8mg SUB SUBL with the numbers 153 on one side and a half moon on the other side, But first let me say, I asked my doctor this visit if I can be put on the pills instead of the 8mg strips because of the outrageous costs of the Suboxone 8mg strips that is not covered by my health insurance. (Thu My husbands work) and the doctor agreed. Thank goodness because paying almost $10 a strip at 60 strips a month was killing us financially. Plus the monthly office visit at $140 cash. Does not take insurance. These 8mg pills are $3 @ 60 a month. What a $$ difference!!! And the reason to this message is to tell you all that YES THE ORANGE OVAL OR OBLONG PILL OR WHATEVER YOU ALL WANT TO CALL IT WITH 153 on half and half moon on other side WORKS WONDERFUL!!! The only thing I don't like about it is the taste I was trying to get away from the taste of the Suboxone 8 mg strip but this is almost comparable not as bad but close. you still have to put the pill under the tongue and dissolve it , you can't swallow it but it does work

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Samantha Says:
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I'm in total agreement with you on this! Walgreens please go back to the white round 8mg Subutex!! These Orange ones really really Suck!!! :-( Samantha.....

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please no Actavis Says:

I want to preface this by saying I am fully aware that every human being responds differently to medications in the same way as every human being responds differently to foods, drinks, and just about any "variable" there is in our world.

Even the below information doesn't even provide 1/10th the information Pharma would "need" in order to properly analyze differences in one generic and another.... but its my "voice" about a current experience I wish I was not experiencing right now.

So this is just my experience:

SUBUTEX: (Roxanne) - 9/10 in terms of it's effectiveness on doing what it is intended to do for patients who take it as prescribed and never abuse it, nor have ever had any interest in doing so.


SUBUTEX: (Actavis) - 2/10 in terms of effectiveness. Feels more like a sleeping aid and/or mild tranquilizer within 30 minutes after taking it as prescribed... whether it's .5mg or 1mg. Same experiences.

The 2 points are strictly for it's ability to keep the most severe withdrawal symptoms at bay – and only the severe ones. It's a scary thought, but if others were experiencing what I am and did not have the strength to remain "clean", then I could easily see how Actavis could cause addicts to return to "drug seeking behavior" – the opposite of what you'd hope for for this medication.

Other than that, I would give it a negative score, and here's why....

I have never been so tired, unmotivated, depressed, lethargic in my life as I have been the last few days taking the Actavis Subutex (2mg pill) - prescribed 1mg/day.

I never would have imagined that there could be such a drastic difference in a medication that consists of the same active ingredients. I have not even been able to focus or work the last few days because of how exhausted I feel *During The Day!*.

For years I have taken the Roxanne brand (didn't even know the brand name until experiencing this drastic change).

I am very depressed to think about a month of feeling like this. i just can not afford to feel like a zombie everyday. I just tried taking less to combat the shallow breathing, exhaustion, and "anger", but I have not been lucky....

It's really incredible how much of an impact a change from one generic to another generic can have on you. It's truly mind-blowing and I wish there was a way for people to understand this feeling and that it is no exaggeration.

I've only been able to be productive maybe 2-3 hours a day the last few days. I am so angry, frustrated, depressed, and absolutely can't stand not being able to have any "passion" for the things I normally enjoy doing.

Of course every human being is unique and responds to medications in different ways, just as we all have different responses to food, drinks, etc., but when it comes to a medication like this, I would hope that there would be stricter quality controls in place to prevent such negative impacts on patients trying to get their life into shape.

Never have I had a craving in 5+ years while taking the roxanne generic. Nor would I feel like a zombie. The last time I felt like this was when I was on suboxone years and years ago, but without a doubt the way I feel on Actavis is worse.

I really am not trying to come off as a complainer. I am just quite taken back at the significant difference between two generics with the "same active ingredient".

My doctor is aware of how generics are most definitely not the same. Unfortunately, it is just too costly to pay for an early appointment and then pay for a new prescription. Really not happy about waiting a month. I am really, really, really hoping that I somehow "adjust" and the extreme exhaustion and veeeerrrryyyyy slow breathing subsides.

I don't feel like me whatsoever and just want to sleep. So frustrating when you are normally a very passionate, hard-working individual.

If anyone is aware of the specific ingredients between the Roxanne vs Actavis, please point me in the right direction. I desperately need to investigate how I can avoid a very unproductive, depressing month.

I could easily see how someone could relapse if they were prescribed Actavis and were not strong mentally, or were without a support system. The MENTAL + PHYSICAL effects are extremely depressing and negative.

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No no Actavis Subutex Says:
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A little less than 2 weeks until I am able to get back to my same routine as I've had for years.

Even after 2 weeks or so of this Actavis brand, I still feel so, so different than ever before. I am very interested in learning what it is about this brand that is causing such a significant difference between Roxanne brand.

(As in.... I'd be happy to help the company with any analysis it might be doing regarding patient feedback from experiences. I genuinely want to help, and not just be someone who jumps online to complain when they're not happy.)

Did Actavis try to cut costs because of the pending legal suit against it for patent infringement?

Or did they somehow try to use leftover suboxone "mix" to produce their generic subutex. Some of what I have felt reminds me of how I felt on suboxone years back -- but I hate it 10x more. Very similar reactions I've been having though. It's depressing.

After a couple weeks on Actavis, things are still much like the first few days.

I have been on Roxanne for years. Always take as prescribed. Always take at the same time everyday. (If you don't, then you really do only cause more trouble for yourself). Never run out early (...learned my lesson 5 years ago on this, and that was a good lesson).

I have not even for a second considered taking my old drug of choice again in the last 5 years.

People might roll their eyes at that, but others will know exactly what I'm talking about here. Finding the right dosage for yourself is so, so critical. It is amazing how bright things can be when you find the right maintenance dose, AND are very consistent with it.

Consistency is EVERYTHING with this medication, as it is with most everything else in life that relates to human health.

But now this is what has shocked me. Knowing how critical consistency and proper dosage has been in my recovery, and life in general (I have good support system, life goals, passions, etc. as well), it has blown my mind how one small change in one of my "routines" has changed it all...

Truly still shocks me even after a couple weeks.

The physical change I've experienced from the change in Actavis vs. Roxanne is what I posted previously.

Yes, Actavis "does it's job" with keeping any serious Physical withdrawals away -- and I'm sure people would say "great, it works then and you're just having placebo" --- but man oh man that does not mean it is truly effective for those in recovery.

Keeping serious withdrawal at bay, while also creating 4 other physical and mental changes in you, is not something that can benefit someone in recovery.

It can actually, and has, have an opposite effect. (I.e. brand new cravings after not having them for years....among other things)

Whatever "fillers", or inactive ingredients, or whatever the significant change is between the two medications, it's having a profound impact on me.

While I won't go into serious withdrawal, I will however be angry, depressed, lethargic, *headaches*, and quite literally feel sooooooooo much like I remember feeling when I was on Suboxone. It feels so similar, but yet much worse.

As soon as I switched from Suboxone to Subutex (6 years back) I was amazed at the difference -- and how rapidly my physical and mental state improved.

I imagine 8/10 people would easily say that placebo must have played a major role in that switch, and again in the change from Roxanne to Actavis, but no. It is not. I'm sure of it, and I'm living in my body, not anyone else.

I want to know so badly why I feel so insanely different. What could possibly be in Actavis inactive ingredients that has made me feel so angry, irritated, unmotivated, lethargic, depressed, and the very annoying "clouded, foggy head". The headaches have also drained me.

I only experience a very mild "sweat" when it nears 18 hours or so after a dose. Like an onset of withdrawal sweats, but only a 1/10.

I don't complain of that though. I'm too occupied with thinking about how far behind in work I get, how I don't smile or have any excitement in things I used to, and how tired I am. Just very tired.

And no, it is not a matter of my dose being too much. (1mg).

For the first time in 5+ years I've had to try and find the right dose for me. It's laughable that this is even the case.

How is it that I've felt like I took massive steps backwards even though I've achieved great success in my recovery and goals.

How is it that I am for the first time in 5 years actually thinking about my drug of choice again? I'm feeling so imbalanced and have tried to hard to root out all other possibly changes in my normal routine that could have caused such a sudden change in my mental and physical state.

Anyways, I know there are numerous questions and possible responses to this, but I'm actually posting more for a follow up in case any one else out there experiences such a drastic change in they way they feel, think, and act for if they've been on one generic of subutex for a long time, were consistent with dosage, and then all of a sudden had a change to this Actavis brand.

Or even the opposite! Maybe people have experienced the same sort of thing, but maybe they had been on Actavis and all of a sudden changed to another generic and can't stand the negative impact.

Either way, I look forward to more research happening in this area. I know there is so much yet to learn.

But mannnnnn, I can't wait to just feel normal again. Can't wait to "get off Actavis" and never, ever, ever, ever, ever take it again. Never.

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Myb Says:
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Re: Zonda (# 1)

Haven't tried the Roxanne subutex yet
But I can tell you that stay away from the Hi tech tiny white ones they suck.

The activis lasted longer and the only problem I've had with them is some dissolve too quickly and some take up to 40 minutes.
My pharmacy is switching from the hitech to Roxanne due to many complaints about the hitech
And since I was switched to the tiny Hi Techs I notice they are not anywhere near the potency of the Activis orange ovals

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Jonathan Langley Says:
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Re: Verwon (# 2)

Yeah I admit it first I take them the quick way and I have been on tex for almost 6 years now. They are the best stones war for my roa I don't need people to criticize me overy my roa but I have had I think every other brand and hands down these are the best.

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Mae Says:
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Can you eat on subtex pill with 153 half moon and can you swallow it

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brians Says:
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I get these actavis subs filled in long island for 175 bux for 90 which is much better than the 500 I'd have to pay for strips since my insurance expired. They def dont last as long as the strips i must say but it's better than relapsing on opiates and let me just say i just moved to indiana and i guess sub docs are very limited here due to bulls*** laws because pharmaceutical companies buy politicians and seat them into passing legislation that benefits their profits so now I'm flying to NY every f***ing month to see my dr. Thank god i fly for free or this would all be f***ed up. Thanks big pharma for being so reasonable!

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Tanya Says:
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Re: Frankie (# 20)

I’ve currently started the new subutex due to being pregnant! Took Suboxone for years and never abused it, but since starting the new orange ones with the moon on one side and 153 on the other side, keeps me sick, and nauseous! I totally agree with you! It’s been since Friday and I feel horrible taking them!

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JC Says:
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Re: CindyPa (# 11)

I feel like I haven't even taken anything with these orange Subutex. These r horrible man. I took a whole one and feel crappy. Just blows my mind at the difference

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BoLtGaNg04 Says:
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Re: TJ (# 18)

I have been on subutex for 8 years and this is my first interaction with these orange oblong ones. I actually take about 1/2-2/3 of what I’m actually prescribed (so 8-10mg instead of 16). I have taken the Mylan round whites and the Westfield 54/411 for years but had one problem long ago. I was prescribed SUN pharmaceuticals 460 domed white round ones and got serious stomach problems as well as blisters under my tongue. Working in the medical field, it is common when a patients body is used to a specific set of inactive ingredients for a drug like this to switch and feel a shorter or longer half life. The inactives are your delivery method. I just moved to the orange ones and I am noticing a slight decrease in mood due to the change in what my body is used to. A generic will never be quite as good as a name brand but who has the $ for a name brand, let alone the lack of supply at the pharm. sure I would say most of these people are now in maintenance still chasing a semblance of a high but there are people like me who work 50 hours a week and go to grad school as well that need true consistency.

Solution: tell your pharmacy to order the brand you are used to and cite the reasons why this is necessary.

Problem: if you are like me and on this for pain management not addiction (I know, rare) then you are waiting 1-2 months before a change can be made for your next script.

Advice: just don’t assume about everyone with a broad brush and secondly, if anyone ever dispenses sun pharmaceuticals tell them you will not accept it and to give you the correct generic. Tell them you don’t care what generic it is as long as it’s made by a reputable manufacturer like teva, Roxanne, mylan, westward. All 4 of these to me at least work exactly the same with the 54/411 seeming to stretch out the longest to where I can cut my dose down an additional 10-20 percent. The less the better right? None of us WANT to be on this stigma ridden stuff but most can’t or won’t get off of them in terms of addiction treatment.

Sorry for going off on a tangent but I guess what got me going was the whole 1% thing because I absolutely hate being looked at like a subhuman when I fill these or worse, get flat out refused. With that said, most of the people on the forum for the most part use proper English and took the time to write on a forum. This either means they have too much time on their hands that day (me) or they can actually do this because they are not spending every waking second trying to trade and sell these for the real thing. Having a junkie for a little brother I can say his ass would never rake the time out of his day to write on one of these forums but that’s just him. He also has the grammar of a 3rd grader even though he’s 27. Just saying that although you’re right, there are chemical and molecular reasons for these issues and to not make others feel ostracized or judged... they get enough of that as it is in the midst of recovery.

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pillstopper82 Says:
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Re: jenpink (# 12)
What basically happened to me is that I felt that euphoric feeling you get a lot more stronger and it lasted much longer. No withdrawals at all, which is the reason I take this. (Maintenance treatment from opioid abuse). The one thing I noticed that has impacted me greatly in a negative manner is the lethargy. I feel so tired on it and sleepy . My energy is almost gone, Yet I feel happier lol ??. This really is only more motivation to just completely stop almost to the point of going cold turkey. But I know the better route. It’s given me the will to make the effort to wean down, start counseling and go to the gym ???? :). Gotta get those endorphins going. God bless you all and all the best on your journeys called life. ??????

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