Orange Round Pill With 54 375 Suboxen

jim Says:

hi jim here i just stated taking these 54 375 pills yesterday they seem the same as the others just wandering are these just as good as the strips? or should i switch thanks

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Tracy Says:

Hi jim i personally dislike the gen sub 54 375. I just got them in replace of the actavis 155 tell you to take the actavis 155 there the closet to the old N8 which i loved. then id choose the film strips but there not dispensing the 155 anywhere near me or anywhere in general. So id stick with the film srips if i were you.. I took back the 54 375 and got the film.

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James Says:

Is there a reason why they keep dumbing these down? It's getting ridiculous at this point. Do they WANT us to relapse?

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