Orange Round Pill V 20

Catt Says:

Found a small orange round pill with a V on one side and 20 on the other. Cannot find it on any pill ID site. Any help?

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David Says:

Hi Catt,

Quick question for you... is the "V" on your pill in a cursive-like font or is it kind of closed off like a triangle shape?

Only asking because I did find a couple of round orange pills with those particular markings I described; one of them also having a "20" on one side.

If you can find that out, I may be able to at least determine who the manufacturer is, and hopefully we can take it from there.

Does anyone else recognize these markings?

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JT Says:

It is valif 20, a generic brand of levitra, made in india.

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Kenney Says:

Yes, it's generic Levitra made in India.

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