Orange Pill With No Markings Not Scored

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i found a 1/8th-1/4 diameter round pill in my daughters purse. with no markings or scorings. i sneaked n read she bought this from india that is supposedly 40mg of oxycodone hcl. anyone seen this shape of pill and what could it be?

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alex menedez Says:

where did she exactly order it from? website? or name of business? I have a list of foreign pharmacys that sell a described pill but differ from place to place. Maybe i can be of some help to you in this situation.

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Mandalynn4 Says:

I ordered oxycodone hcl from torontorxmeds back in january. I obviously wasnt thinking smart and after weeks went by without receiving it and not being able to get in touch with the company (phone rang busy, no responses to my emails) I called my credit card company and then refunded my $ because they werent able to reach anyone either. Well this past saturday I received the supposed oxys in the mail. I was in shock actually. However when I opened the small brown envelope I found a small baggy that has a white sticker on it that says oxycodone hcl- uncoated 80 mg tablet. The pills are orange and unmarked on both sides. They taste bitter but dont seem to do a damn thing for pain. I cant find them on any pill identification site nor foreign drug lists. Can you help me? Let me know if you need a picture of the pills or baggy etc. thanks!

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Mike J. Says:

I have also ordered those pills online and received them unexpectedly after they issued a refund. I would like to know if I can take them safely.


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Scott Says:

I as well had same thing happen. Weeks went by no response then outta no were this package comes and same packing with orange unmarked tablets saying they are oxycodone 80mg hcl. Does anyone know what they are or anything? Any help would be appreciated. They say I believe lukin ltd but I can not find any info on any such pill. I've been prescribed this medicine for awhile now and never saw such a pill so if someone could help be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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mike layne Says:

little orange pil about the sise if a k-4 dauldid is it klopin thats what i orderd

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Jess Says:

About a month ago my fiance and I ordered what were supposed to be Oxycodone Hcl 80mg. We received these in the mail today, and they are not what we expected at all! They are medium sized bright blue pills with a score mark, but no imprints of what they might be.

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rene Says:

did all of you originaly get contacted by an Indian guy named Mohammad Rahzak that would only sell 90 80mg tablets at a time for about 409 which i thought was fishy. if it was hm email me and put 80mg on the subject line cuz i get a lot of junk mail i will tell you more about your situation

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