Oralcon Contraceptive Pills-missed Periods


Hi. Last month of December I saw my periods twice a month and the second one wasn't normal as usual and on the first week of January I went to check and the nurse told me its hormonal balancing and also gave me the oralcon pills. I have been taking everyday as instructed and now am on the red pills but I haven't seen my periods till today and only few days left for the month to end. Does this mean am pregnant?

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I have used oralcon but never the red pills. I used it because I had my period for 4 months straight. But oral con tales 3 to 6 months to leave your system so it might just be an irregular.

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Hi there I always get my period on the 4th red pill and it usually falls on a Monday,I don't know if I miscounted or if I skipped of my white pills but yesterday I drank my 4th red pill and when I woke up there was no period. What could this mean? I'm not sure if I've missed

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Hello Shoki,

I hope you are having a pleasant day. Hopefully I can provide some useful information to help you out.

Oralcon is a contraceptive which also aids in balancing menstruation cycles by adding certain amounts of synthetic estrogen and progesterone to your body in order to prevent ovulation from occuring. It is possible that the drug has altered the expected menstruation cycle due to the new addition of hormones.

Despite it being a contraceptive if you are having unprotected sex it is always a possibility that you could be pregnant as no contraceptive has 100% accuracy. Please consult your doctor if you are concerned that you may be pregnant or that the medication is not working in a way that you are comfortable with. I hope this helps and best wishes.

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Hi for a month nw using oralcon pill but due for my period nw am on third red pill and no period I never missed a period bfor I am 42 years

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