Oralcon Contraceptive Pill Side Effects

Rassie Says:

What side effects have others experienced and how long do the side effects last for?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Rassie! How are you?

The side effects, if they occur, can start within a few days and last 2 to 3 months, since these are hormonal based contraceptives. They may include nausea, dizziness, breakthrough bleeding/spotting, headaches and weight changes.

However, you may not experience any of them, some people do and some people don't.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Ty Says:

Hi there. I've been using Oralcon for about two weeks now. And my breast are painful to the touch and heavy. I've also noticed that they're big. I wanna know how long is this going to last?

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Miss Mona Says:

Hi, Ive been on oralcon for the past three months and have gained a significant amount of wieght since then. I hove ever have overdosed on more that one occassion simply because i forgot to take them them at the time i was suppose to. Are there any long term effects when overdosaing?

Another question, i have decided to take supplements to lose weight as i exercise too, will this effect the pills performance?

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julia Says:

hi there when is stop using oralcon pills I start bleeding what cause and what can I do to stop that

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Love Says:

Hi.. First time user of oralcon. By taking this pill, does it have any side effects on skin? Just wondering.

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Oshaine Says:

Hi I have been on oralcon for five months now.. recently I have been having heart racing and fluttering of the heart and sometimes I have short of breath.. I have been taking my pills sometimes I miss taking it on time... I just need to know if oralcon can cause heart racing or any heart problem please explain cause I don't normally feel my heart beat funny

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Kristen Says:

Hi. I'm also a first time user. I just went to my doctor today and she said that it depends on the person... Some might have a problems with their skin and some won't.

Hope that was helpful

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Tish Says:

Good day im using oralcon for 3/4months nw nd im on my white tablet but i started to bleed what can be the cause i had intercourse that day that i forgot to take my tablet any possibility if i can be pregnant or what....

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Charmaine Says:

I was just wondering if oralcon increased weight. I have picked up 5 kgs since I started it three months ago. First month I hardly bled, second month normal but very low blood pressure. My main issue now is my weight. I normally lose weight easily but now it's just going up. Period is next week and I'm done with this

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Nozy Says:

Have thake a pill for two week and I feel nausea vomiting. And feel pregnant why is that!

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charmedwn Says:

Are you over 46? If you you are, could be perimenopause. Those are some of the symptoms I got when it started. And cramps in feet and legs.

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nikki Says:

Hi, I have pcos an have been put on oralcon to regulate my period but few days after taking it I had really dark brown discharge I was really concerned but was told my uterus was cleaning itself an then I started bleeding while still on the white pill an im bleeding really heavy with really bad blood cloths an constant headaches daily that wont leave with the worst mood swings an also really bad depression an I've started breaking out with terrible acne on my face.... Really worried... Is this just side effects or is something seriously wrong??????

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mho Says:

I have been using oralcon for two weeks and my face is a mess. I have a bad rash. I don't know if I should stop them or continue? I'm also experiencing dizziness.

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Kamela Says:

it is my first time on it and I would like to know does your period start immediately when you start on the red tablet.

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Zigzag Says:

I've been taking oralcon for 2yrs now, but I want to stop & conceive. So how long will it take me to conceive & how long does the medicine remain in the blood stream?

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charmedwn Says:

Please stop taking in immediately and go on to Nordette. I only took it for three months because my clinic changed to it from Nordette. I had all these side effects plus 5 kgs weight gain. I Lose weight easily, but 6 months on, I am still struggling. They tell you it's exactly the same as Nordette but it's not. You only have to look through the messages

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Ayamile Says:


I'm almost finished with my first oralcon contraceptive pack, but have been feeling very dizzy and tired almost all day. Please help.

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Tee Says:

Hello, I just started using oralcon about a week ago on the first day of my period and I have been having period like cramps ever since, even after my period was over. Is that normal?

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Heather Says:

Hi, I had a hormone imbalance and the Doc gave me medication and some antibiotics to clean my womb. He also gave me oralcon to control my cycle but only the white ones. Is there something wrong? I have very high temperature and I feel pain after intercourse, got sore nipples and I feel something like a tail on the mouth of my womb.

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Tracy Says:

What are the side effects of oralcon? Can I use oralcon to control painful menses? I just started taking the pill yesterday and my periods are due in 5 days.

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