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my Dr prescribed Opana 40mg as alternative to Oxy 80 mg 2 twice a day which I would insufflate - I didn't tell him this of course. he claimed them to be just as good if not stronger can any one share about opana 40mg

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Verwon Says:
Inhaling medications that are not intended for that method of usage is very dangerous. You run the risk of overdose and creating blockages in your lungs, which can lead to breathing problems, embolisms and stroke.

Opana contains the active ingredient Oxymorphone, this is a potent narcotic pain reliever.

Side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and constipation.

THis dosage is about the same as what you were taking of the Oxycontin.


Do you have any other questions?

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horseshoe Says:
i was taking three oc 40's a day, when the new op 40's came out they seemed to make me nauseated and DID NOT work as well regardless of what the fda says, anyway he switched me to opana 40 mg er twice daily. They work well for the pain and the only side effect I notice is my energy level is not what it was when I was on the old oxycontin.

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triggerfish Says:
worried about the remoxy in oxycontin. would opana er be safe? I take the oxy as the doc says, just wonder about cancers, tumors, heart, brain, liver problems with remoxy. Is it an epoxy resin of some type? I have hydromorphone for breakthrough pain, works well and don't think that stuff is in it. thanks for any advice.

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triggerfish Says:
Does Remoxy have any pain killing effects or is it only meant to keep people from cushing, snorting or shooting? I still worry a bit about the side effects if this remoxy stuff. Please help me with an answer if you would be so kind. Still condidering Opan ER. Also how well does the fast acting oxymorphone compare to the fast acting hydromorphone?

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unrealistic Says:
why are these trials done on people with no history of chronic pain instead you do these on people with no pain so of course the study shows the effect for them for an extended release of twelve hours and that is just not the case for anyone who deals with chronic pain everyday at most they last 7 to 8 hours and then taper off and the pain returns wouldn't it make more sense to do these trials on patients who suffer from chronic pain so you get real results instead of just giving somebody with no tolerance to pain meds a strong medication and expect to get truthful results this is just something the fda should look into before you can claim an extended release drug works for twelve hours they don't even work that way with people with allergies they last between 6 and 8 so the test you've done are wrong when pain is added to equation

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triggerfish Says:
My pain doc. is pretty upset with the company that make the new OxyContin (OP). They will not tell him what the new ingredients are and he refuses to prescribe anything that he does have full knowlege of. He switched me to the Opana ER. Today is my first day and I will post how it goes with me. He tried 60 mg. tabs but they don't have those so I was given 30's by the pharmacy. I am supposed to take 60 mg., but am starting slow with the 30. This is very powerful as I understand it. It is Oxymorphone E.R. , very similiar to hydromorphone I think. Like Vermon says, do not snort or shoot this stuff you may assume room temperature with no pulse! Please be casreful out there. God bless!

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J ROCK Says:

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triggerfish Says:
Sorry I still have no full eval. of the Opana ER. 30 mg. I had some OxyContin left over that thought I should use those up first, only about 3 more days worth. When I have solid eval. of the Opana I will send it out to all of you. Please take care and keep up on what you are taking, the drug companies surely are not willing to give full disclosure even to doctors in some cases. We all have enough problems with pain and the side effects from our meds. The last thing we need is to find out we have some tumor or cancer because of a beneign ingredient in our medications!
Remember we are all different in how meds. work in our bodies; so what I may write or anyone else should be taken with a grain of salt. Use your own common sense and give things time to work as well. Be good, be safe and may the peace the the Lord be with all of you!

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BG Says:
I have been on oxycontin 80mg, 2 in am and 2 in pm since 2004 failed back surgury, they had always worked fine untill now. My pharmacist told me the formula had been changed, along with this change the physical changes have been horrible. I was used to being nauseas all the time and vomitting once in a while, with this new change I vomit at least twice for every pill I take; and taking 4 80's a day is alot of vomitting. Enough is enough already. I realize that some peole abuse medications, but why are the people that really need these medications the ones to pay the price? our health is already bad otherwise we would not have been prescribed these drugs, now they're going to make it worse with whatever they have added to them; I don't feel this is fair to legitimate patients who follow directions to the letter as to how to take their medications properly. There have been drug abusers since drugs were first discovered back in the times of the Pharos of Egypt, all I can see that this new change has done is make it a more horrid experience for the legitimate patients. Drug abusers will find a way to get what they need, I just don't feel it should be at our expense! Thanks, BG

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ChronicPainGirl Says:
I have been on oxycontin since 2003 and loved it because it basically had no side effects for me, i never felt like it altered my state of mind and i was able to stay on the same dose for years without increase. I got the new op's last month and immediately after taking them i had severe reactions to it: vomitting daily, horrible migranes, eyes watering, and a weird pain in my right arm which is not where my pain is. Not to mention terrible deppression.. I was a mess and wasnt able to get out of bed most days. When i went to my check up my Dr said that other patients were complaining about the op's like me and switched me to Opana.. I was still barfing as the op's got out of my system but in my opinion for those who are really suffering from pain and not using drugs to get high should switch to Opana because it works better than the old oc's and the side effects i experienced from the op's went away in a couple days. I was very scared about changing meds since i've been on oxy's so long but now im so happy i did it because Opana works better for my pain which is nerve damage and RSD.. And for those who are abusing these meds i just want to say F U for ruining what for many pain patients was the only thing that allowed us to get threw our day. I hope u all get whats coming.. And as for perdue i hope ppl sue your company till u have no money because i see right threw your scheme trying to pawn these op's off as the same thing as oc's is ridiculous and im sure your hoping ppl will have to buy twice as much because it obviously isnt as strong as it used to be.. How dare u use ppl already suffering as guinea pigs..

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triggerfish Says:
Hi all, Wow what a rough couple if days! I am back at square 1 which was fine for me. Opana ER and Exalgo (long acting hydromorphone). Whatever they are putting in those 2 meds really had me messed up, weird visual distrubances,dreams (?), feeling faint, H. A., urinating 10X a night, not sleeping well, ugh. The Exalgo did not manage my pain at all, same side effects. We are all different and meds. act for each of us in different ways as well. Was in lots of pain today 10-29 and even mild W/D. Drove up to my clinic, was able to see a different doc and she was much more willing to work with me. Back to short acting hydromorphone and the Oxy. The new OP's were about 20-30% less effective but were much better for me than Opana ER or Exelgo. Thinking about changing docs. My current one is firmly against short acting and only prescribes the long acting, the one I saw today worked with me and seemed reasonable. Be careful out there all. That's it.

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Me Says:
The op 40's suck ass I have back problems they dont do s**t! My kids dad smokes the oc's I have never took them anyway besides puting them in my mouth like u r sopost to! People make me sick then us good people have to be in pain! Im glad the fda is trying to help the ones that are useing them wrong but the fda is so wrong cuz now all my kids dad friends are doin herion so r world is f*** in all ways Thanks for reading

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Bohica Says:
I need to please hear feedback from people that like me live w/Chronic Pain. Multi surgeries, bad shape, limited motion and I am only in my early 40s. I have been through Vicoden, Percocet, Methadone, OC's, OP's (freakin OC remakes), Opanas and Fentanyl Patches.. My Dr. sucks and does not seem to be interested in allowing me a quality of life. I have an appt in 3 days and I wonder what people that suffer in pain everyday suggest. Currently I am on 50mcg Fentanyl every 48hrs and Perc 10s 2x a day for breakthrough. He won't increase the 'major' pain med and he won't change the 'breakthrough' med. I have been on disability for 10 years. WTF.. But if I medicate myself, I run out early and my bills don't get paid. Please help with suggestions. I haven't found a working combo yet. I did like the OPs before they were screwed with. I was told that would not be undone because of the epidemic of abusers.

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triggerfish Says:
Bohica, I find that standard hydromorphone (Dilaudid) works great. It is pretty cheap and quick acting. Maybe try MS Contin (morphine sulfate ER) and the hydromorphone. I hated the patches and suckers (fentanyl), got sleepy and pain relief was not very good plus ruined my teeth. Might also try increasing the OP's. They still work for me, but are about 20-30% less effective. Most people want to abuse them and are really pissed. I hope your doc. works with you, if not change. I know that is easier said than done. I pray you find stable relief.

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Trendsetter Says:
Ok,i been on Oxycontin 80mg and 40 mg both 4 times a day I had to switch because my new insurance will not cover it.Im disabled do to a bad back L2/3,L4/5/S1.My doc switch me to opana 30mg twice a day and it has been working great and I must say I was scared that I was going to have withdraws.I also was taking 30 mg of oxycodne 4 times a day,.as break through now Im down 2 a day.So what Im saying do not be scared to switch I feel GREAT!!!

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TCLucas Says:
I am currently on Oppana ER and IR and they are doing wonders for me. From everything I've read a 5mg Opana is equal to a 10 mg Oxycontin. I like you Bohica am 40 and have had multiple back surgeries and even have a spinal cord stimulation systen for degenerative disk disease with nerve damage. So I understand your situation. It's really a crap shoot finding the right combination to help with pain but I got lucky with the Opana. I'm lso taking 2700 mg of gabapentin a day, which is the most allowed. Gabapentin is a nerve blocker but not a narcotic. I wish you the best Bohica.

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Hiskid Says:
I just went from Oxy20 Ocs twice a day to Opana IR 10's. I don't like the IRs because I'd rather have something that lasts a while when I have to work on my feet all day. It's for back pain, and my question is, now that I'm on Opana, do I have to worry about withdrawls from Oxy, or will the Opana cancel them out? I think it's a good question that others may have. thanks.

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triggerfish Says:
You should not have problems with withdrawals if they converted the correct amount of medication. I have been on that road before and had no problems in that regard.

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HSB Says:
I have been in chronic lower back pain for years, due to a terrible car accident, and then a failed surgery. my pain management doctor had me on 40 mg oc's, and like everyone elses posts i have been reading, when i went to my pharmacy and got the new OP's, i was devastated to find out they do little to nothing for my pain. i am considering asking my doc to switch me to Opana, will this work better for me? desperately looking for some feedback. thanks.

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paco Says:
to Chronicpaingirl read your post i see u have rsd i am also diagnosed pain 24/7 just was perscribed opana will that help never on oxy i told my pain doc i will suffer somewhat did not want to jump to a strong drug but could not take the pain no more im also on 10 mg norco for breakthrough pain

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