On Methadone Maintance Prog In Sw Florida Need Private Dr That Will Prescribe 40 Mg Tabs For Severe Pain Crushed Pelvis
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MsJZEP Says:

Like to find private Dr in Southwest Florida to prescribe 40 mg tabs..Needs 100 mgs daily so far and is still SUFFERING badly !!! Husband fell thru roof 5 yrs ago,,crushed pelvis,,elbows held together by metal,,severe nerve pain in hips and Buttocks. Been on Methadone Clinic on and off for 16 years now due to (IV Use).. Now moved 1300 miles away and no no one.He is in his early 60's and finally Clean but Clinic is far away and very costly. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, Thanks

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IpHepops Says:

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I know in the Port Charlotte area there is a doctor that prescribed it because a friend of mine actually gets methadone from a pain management doctor I’m in the same case you are I go to a methadone clinic and I’m tired of driving there every day so I’m trying to find a doctor even a sub doctor I’ve come off methadone the subs for four it’s not fun but I’d like to stop at altogether

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Psl772 Says:

It all depends on your race, and medical records. I was refused disability by a Muslim doctor because my cross necklace offended him. Sick world we live in.

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KRISTINA shaggy Says:

You have no insurance? And no programs closer to you? if I were you I would NOT hold onto the thought of another DOCTOR that's going to provide you that kind of medication. You would definitely have to find a suboxone program. There has to be places around you to also help with your pain. Check them out. Good luck.

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Fire walker Says:

I'm in north Florida by st.Augustine with burns 49percent full thickness burns and ten percent burns from grafts,I got to find a compassionate and cool doc,I'd get a bus ticket to Texas if I found a doctor and pharmacy that will treat and fill cause Im suffering,I don't have recent mri that I know of but they had me on ketamine till the grafts surgery but I can show the doctor my body and the deep trauma,I live to hurt another day,any suggestions?thx for listening

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David Says:

My names David I live by Mall of Ga. I have 10 Drs. In GWinnett for you.

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Marco misery Says:

Hi - I've lived in Atlanta for 9 years; same PCP, same psychiatrist. I fell getting up during the night on January 19th (2015). Went to ER in ATL - referred to spine and pain specialists who were booked up to 6 weeks ahead. PCP couldn't get me in either. Finally referred to one who looks like he's about 15, and is certified to do one spinal procedure -which he demanded I undergo. I refused. I have a current MRI showing a herniated disc - L1-S5. Screeching in pain. I'm 51 - husband died suddenly 2 years ago and I have no support network. My elderly father flew to ATL to pick me up and drive me to Marco, FL, to follow up. Kid Dr. prescribed Oxycodone 20s. I can't take NSAIDs or Tylenol because of liver disease (not cirrhosis- a freak thing) about 3 years ago. Where do I go? I haven't slept for 5 days.

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Gigi Says:

Thank you

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David Says:

My name is David in Palm Coast there's a Dr. Fruehan. Buddy hes an angel. If your sick go somewhere else but if you need specific drugs hes your man. Good luck

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anonymous Says:

If you can come to Tampa this doc takes medicare not Medicaid and a few others it s called genesis medical clinic. I think this doc Wil write 2 10 mg s a day but then you get 4 breakthrough meds a day... so maybe oxy 10, 20 30 or Dillard, just tell doc u were on 40 of methadone and he can adjust the breakthroughs to be effective as the 40 mg. So you would get 20 a day of methadone but then again if u were to take records( which u proxy don't) the breakthroughs should even out that 20 mg missing. Good luck I know th r y require a current mri. The cheapest one u can get is 250.00 this doc will refer u there and it's 250 the first visit is for consult. Being th hat u r traveling maybe set up to stay 4 days get the consult and referral for mri.. call ahead first too, try and get mri very next day and the mri report sometimes within 24 but 24_48 hours then get back into doc and take ur :-/ and get ur scrips

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Gigi Says:

ok Thanks..yes the clinic here does have the WAFERS....but hes got to be on for over 6 years to get those.. but hes gottom 3 take home bottles for now... was just hoping to find a private Dr... THANK YOU

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Gigi Says:

FT Myers area... but i dont have a "recent MRI... only accident CD"s from 5 yrs ago.. Injuries have only gotten worse with age...hes 63 yrs old.... All clean UA's for just about a year now.

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cucupuffs Says:

there is an issue but its not the issue the first guy that responded to you said about "because your husband was on a methadone clinic for addiction" he will not be able to get methadone from a private doctor for pain...that is not true because methadone clinics and private doctors arent even linked to begin with and there are no records that follow you when you get off of a methadone clinic lol.. unless of course you want to go tell the doctor that you were an addict on the methadone program before.but the thing is 40mg orange biscuits as we called them in new york and 40mg wafers have not been made for about 6 years now for pharmacy use but some methadone clinics still use them.docs. can't prescribe them anymore because pharmacies don't make them anymore like i said..so when getting methadone from a private doctor they only write for 5mg pills and 10mg pills....

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chaos Says:

Needs current MRI...that's it also clean u/a plz tell what part of saw fl...I will msg u back. Disc don't ask about all that just needs payment takes insurance needs current MRI

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MsJZEP Says:

Thank u for your time.

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but if he has already been in a clinic on their maintenance program, then he will have to continue going there. Under current law, a regular doctor cannot prescribe it for addiction or maintenance treatment and with the fact the he has been going to such a clinic noted in his records, their hands are tied.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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