Octagonal White Pill With M In A Square On One Side And 30 On Other Side

julzinfla Says:

Please help me figure out what this is. Also, there are 4 score lines around the 30. I was told it is a brand new generic for Adderoll (sp?). I want to know with certainty. Thank you in advance for your help on this!

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Verwon Says:

Who told you it was a generic for Adderall?

I've done some searching, but haven't been able to find a listing for anything matching this description, so far.

I'll keep looking and post back, when I have information for you.

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julzinfla Says:

The one whom it was prescribed to. They were surprised at the new shape, color, etc as well & said they asked the pharmacist about it when they picked it up. The pharmacist said they, too, hadn't seen the new medication form, but stated they researched it themselves & stated it was a new manufacturer of the generic for Adderall. Any help is appreciated!

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Kellie Says:

I am having the same issue... My pharmacist told me they were now using mallinckrodt pharmaceuticals instead of Barr but I have researched everything I can think of and can not find this pill? I am a ER RN and feel funny just assuming that what I am taking is correct.

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Rhoda Says:

Yes, my daughter got here 30 mg Adderall filled recently, and it was a soft white octagon shaped pill with a square that contains a M on one side and 30 on the other. She loves them. They seem much stronger and last longer. She got them in Baton Rouge, LA at a CVS.

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Laura Says:

I just filled my adderall 30mg prescription at Walmart and received these. They have always used Barr generics in the past. Anyone else have a review of them? Work as well, side effects, etc...? I would appreciate any info. Thanks!

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Lunaris Says:

Yes this is an Adderall generic IR 30mg tablet. The manufacturer is Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. I recently went to Walmart and got a script for 20mg of the same manufacturer and same IR. Personally, I will be trying a different brand, as I have been having horrible side effects with this script.

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Lexi Says:

I have also with the same mg! Im curious..what side effects are YOU getting? To me the taste itself is HORRIBLE! !! AS IF SOMEONE DIPPED THEM IN ROSE WATER PERFUME? BUT BEFORE Wal-Mart had the peach and they were GREAT. ANYONE KNOW if the peach ones are coming back??? My stomach often needs a break...and I CAN'T see if they are totally reformulated so one cant..but my appetite USED TO BE much more suppressed. What about youur symptoms???

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Laura Says:

I have taken this pill for 5 days now, and not only has it not controlled my ADD symptoms, I have had headaches, lethargy and the last 2 days a rash/hives on my chest. I only take my meds on work days, but I can't do this at all! I also filled mine at Wal-Mart. If you find out anything about the peach football shaped ones please let me know. I wish there it was possible to return these!

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Concerned Says:

I received the same pills for the first time last month, when I had my Rx filled at Walmart (I usually go to Walgreens). After researching, it is a generic adderall. However, I hope I don't have to get these anymore. Besides the fact that they taste horrible, they also cause me to have headaches & a sick feeling. The next day, I feel like I have a hangover.

Obviously, I do not like them. I look forward to hearing other opinions.

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klmo6 Says:

I hear you I am having same problems. They are the worst generic brand I have ever had might as well be a sugar pill.

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Fabian Says:

I have to agree I have taken the 30mg tabs and they function is such a way where all of a sudden they kick in and the response it evokes is......k let's get some stuff done! They motivate tremendously while also focusing one's attention on the task at hand/what needs to be done. They last a very respectable amount and function to perfection for what they are meant for. IMHO I just got a refill with sandoz 30mg ir and they are completely and utterly disappointing compared to the White octagon M'ck.....however it's spelled

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Russell Says:

The Peach Football shaped one are from BARR Pharm, You have have to check where ever you are getting your script filled if they have BARR manufacture.

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Julia Says:

The white octagon M-imprint and 15-imprint is also used for the 15mg at a local pharmacy in Denham Springs, LA. I was surprised when filled in mid July (2014) b/c it's always been the peach colored round pills. I'm hoping for no side effects.

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Kitto Says:

Just received same pills and it threw me for a loop. Don't seem to be As strong, but maybe the change is good. I had gotten into insufflating orange ones and that was jus stupid. I wonder if the change has anything to do with the abide of adderall. I jus know I will take these as directed

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Nikki Says:

Just got these back from Walmart in Baton Rouge (college drive)and I have a mind numbing headache. It was hard for me to drive , it hurts so bad. Is this made to cut down on the abuse? It hurting the ones who really need it, and I'm afraid to take it anymore.

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Marmaidd Says:

The new generic adderall was horrible, it gave me severe nausea, drowsiness and just made me feel very ill, it made me want to stop taking the adderall for good.

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dekog Says:

Mallinckrodt generic adderall does not work a bit for me. it's like a placebo. maybe they are counterfeit. got them at a pharmacy but i will not accept them again. i am so sleepy and hungry! should not be this way at all. never like this with the Barr/Teva brand. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Mallinckrodt you should be ashamed distributing this crappy fake medicine.

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bookie Says:

yes..i have been taking these white pills and was wondering if anybody experienced nausea or an edgy anxious feeling after taking them..??? thanks..ive been feeling like crap!!

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Alexa Says:

White pills ruined me the last two months. Headache, cant focus, spaced out, became depressed, always tired, and cried all day. I would rather take nothing then be on these new generic pills. Finally went back to the orange colored ones. I feel like myself again and am able to pay attention with no side effects. I feel bad for whoever is next to try these.

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Adhd Says:

I just talked to a pharmacist and there actually rated better then Barr manufacturer

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