Oblong Pill White With M359 On One Side

susie hargrove Says:

white oblong pill with m359 on one side and a line across the middle on other side

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David Says:

The pill which you are describing is Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone bitartrate (650 mg - 7.5 mg).

Acetaminophen + Hydrocodone is a combination of two types of pain medicine to treat moderate to severe pain.

For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below...

If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you.

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mandy Says:

What is the best way to wean off of hydrocodone/vicodin/lortabs? (At home)

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twilightdude Says:

get a pill cutter. cut your normal dose in 1/2... then a week later cut that into 1/4's and then the third week you stop. best not to stop cold turkey or you could have all sorts of withdrawals. I used to be on percocet for my back problems and I had to cut down that way and now i'm stuck on Ibuprofen, but i have less pain and no addiction anymore to percocet. best of luck.

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