Numbness Tingling In Little Finger And Next Finger

shopgirl Says:

I experienced severe numbness, tingling and weakness in my left hand, little finger and next finger. Also experienced brain fog so severe I couldn't read and otherwise felt just very sick. This started after I only had two injections of the Faslodex. Symptoms were very scary and so severe I refused to continue the Faslodex. It's been a month and half since I discontinued it and the brain fog is better but still experiencing the hand numbness, tingling and weakness. Praying it gets better....anyone else experiencing these side effects I'm also taking Zometa.

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tj Says:

Its your ulnar nerve. It effects the left side of your arm, last two fingers included.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Shopgirl! How are you doing? Has it gotten any better?

Have you consulted your doctor?

The tingling of your hands or feet is listed as being a very common side effect of it.

Learn more Faslodex details here.

I am very sorry that you had such problems with it. When it comes to cancer drugs, it's true that they are sometimes worse than the cancer they're treating.

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