No Bleeding After First Use Of Cytotec

mobI Says:

Am 37 days pregnant,after the first use of 2cytotec tabs inserted after a few hours i had cramps but no it possible i wldnt bleed at all bcos test shows no sign of pregnancy kindly advice asap tnx

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Verwon Says:

Have you consulted a doctor?

Not everyone bleeds immediately, especially if the pregnancy wasn't very far along, you may not really experience anything until your next regular menstrual cycle.

However, you should consult a doctor to be certain.


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Anne Says:

I have taken Primolut -N pills for the past five days didn't know that I was pregnant found out only 24 hrs back have taken cytotec tablets but until now no bleeding at all only cramps on and off. Please help as I don't know what can I do. Thank you for your reply

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michelle Says:

Hello , ive taken cytotec misoprostol 200 yesterday at night i had heavy cramps and pain on my stomach went to toilet in the night also but i didnt bleed at all . was the abortion successful ? can i take cytotec again ? please help me

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joke Says:

I missed my period on the 15 of this month and I have inserted four cycotec into my virginal since yesterday night but still no sigh am I still going to bleed?

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Didi Says:

Hello ever one. My last menstral period was 12/01/2013. I took pegnancy test on 18t /02/2013 and it was positive. at 9.50pm on 20/02/2013 i took cytotec tablets(2tbs orally and 2tblts vaginally) after 4hrs, took another 2tblts orally. itook cytotec tablets 4 times in total. I only had slight cramps, diarreah, very light pinkish blood on tissue after i wiped myself. On the tissues i also saw very tyny blood clot. and nothing more. Did i abort? do i need to take cytotec again. am i still to bleed. Please help me, i am so desperate.

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blessing Says:

I saw my last period on 23/01/13 and am yet to see my period for February.could I be pregnant?and also I have been feeling a little dizzy lately.pls,what should I do?and if I find out am pregnant,what pills should I take?

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carebears Says:

yes.. your abortion was successful..

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chisti Says:

I had sex with my fiancé on the 16th march and didn see mY period on the 3rd April the supposed day we are not redy I took cytotec three tabs on the 5th April and 8 tabs today 6th April .had fever cramps and fever but no bleeding pls help me

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Kay Says:

My LMP was on the 01/01/2013 so I ve inserted one and a half cytotec vaginally and put one cytotec under the tongue and chew a half again yesterday on the 28/04/2013 and I had diarrhoea and cramps but I didn't have any bleeding is this going to be a successful arbortion?pliz help asap.

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rane Says:

plz hlep me iam 50 days pregnant i just took 14 tablets of cytotec orally and start cramping and diahrrea but still no bleeding

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worried lady Says:

i find out i was pregnant so i took 4tb of cytotec but i did nt bleed within 24hrs i took 3tab again and i have still not bleed what should i do am really worried

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missyflakes Says:

My LMP was 17th july but i missed on the 8th of august. I tested positive for pregnancy n i have a severe sore breasts. I took cytotec 2orally and 2vaginally last night and later had cramps and just a slight blood in my pad this morning. Is this successful? Pls help me. :'(

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kiki Says:

Kiki says Hi....
I'm 3weeks pregnant and I took misoprostol 2 orally,and two viginally friday 16th @ night I didn't feel any cramps or pain just discomfort,then cramps on and off on Sat,still haven't bleed till now. I'm so worried I've been on the internet looking for similar situations and help. Please Help me I dunno if the abortion was successful or not. What do I do?

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lot Says:

Pls I swallow 1 and insert 3. but no bleeding. can do it again

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Towsyn Says:

Hey kiki,i noticed ,i am going through the same thing you went through,i have taken a total of 8 cytotec in the past 3 days with just little bleeding and a discharge of pinkish stuff. i need you to tell me just how yours went,did you hav to go through an actual dnc? or the cytotec worked well for you, please get back to me asap

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esskay Says:

Pls do I need to take cytotec again even after bleeding! I took one and inserted two and after 4hours I bleded and the next day it stopped! Was my abortion succesful cos its the 3rd day and my period is yet to start! Pls help me

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may Says:

Went for a lab test and was was confirmed pregnant, took misoprostol 3 tablets, had pains but but ddidn't bleed, is d abortion succesfull?

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Mercy Says:

I took 1600mcg of misoprotol within 24 hours for a 21 days old pregnancy. Had slightly severe cramps,fever and creamy discharge dat had little clot on it. 2day is the second day n still no bleeding. Did it abort? Or do I still need 2 repeat d process

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ANNA Says:

hi Mercy & esskay
same is the matter with me no bleeding just cramp and pain and white discharge, please please help me what to do i repeat this 2 times

i need help urgent please, i can't go to the doctors because i am belonging from country where abortion is consider religiously wrong and permission able please help me

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jensky Says:

hi.I am 1wk pregnant. 4hours ago I take 4 tabs of misoprotol orally and I put 4 tabs in vagina. I feel cramps but still no bleed coming out. how many hours to wait before I gt bleed?

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