Nifedipine And Atenolol

Winston Says:

I was diagnose with high blood pressure (BP) about ten years ago (at 40 years) and my doctor prescribe Atenolo 50 mg which I used for about three years. Then my doctor added nifedipine 20mg which I am now taking for about seven years. About two years now I feel dizzy when I stand for some time and when I check my BP I am getting low reading example, 104/65, 95/60/, 112/75. My doctor did kidney's and diabetic's blood test which he said was ok. About one year ago I was diagnose with diabetics but it is under control. I reduce the nifedipine 20mg to 10 and later 5mg but still get the dizzy feeling at times. When I exercise(walking) 4-7Km every other day my BP even go down lower. My concern is when stand for some time with little movements I feel dizzy due the low BP at that time. Other than that my BP is ok, example 120/75.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Winston! Sorry about the problem that you're having.

When it drops low, upon standing or with activity, that's called orthostatic hypotension and in many cases, it's caused by dehydration.

What's your normal fluid intake like?

Generally, the human body needs at least 64 ounces daily, with more added if you're getting lots of exercise or if you regularly drink anything alcoholic or caffeinated.

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Winston Says:

Thanks for your reply it was very helpful.

I believe that dehydration is the problem as I was drinking about 30 ounces daily. I started drinking about 75 ounces and my pressure when to about I15/80 now. I usually drink about 70 ounces but some time I just drink less.

I can see a correlation with water intake and my blood pressure now. I am also living in the desert area in Africa at the moment.


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