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mtn gurl Says:
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I can say from experience these new 153 are no good...I cant say it more clearly - They suck!! If you depend on relief from your daily dose of subutex like i do, then be ready for a major LET DOWN

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please no activas Says:

Ugghhh. Still just so angry 24/7. I don't feel like me at all, am always irritated, no motivation, tired, and just angry.

I am just so negative and so tired I can't stand it.

Taking less than my prescribed dose (even a lot less) makes things worse.

Even taking more than my prescribed dose in effort to find the equivalence between 1mg Activas and 1mg Roxanne, too makes things worse. MUCH worse – especially for the long term.

I have zero interest in doing anything in my usually active, happy life. I never, ever, ever even post on discussion threads. That is how drastic of a difference I've been experiencing.

Of course I would have already seen my doctor (paid for appt), got a new script (paid for a new script), gone to do a refill (paid for gas, meds, refill), etc. However, it's really not that easy for people in programs – especially when you live on a tight budget.

My doctor is very intelligent and also believes there to be a difference in generics, but he's been out of town on his summer vacation so I have to wait until he returns.

It's unbelievable how much of a negative impact this generic change continues to have on me. It's so irritating. I can NOT wait to get back to my normal dose and my normal routine. The same routine I've had for years and years.

Whatever the difference is in this Activas, Orange subutex (2mg), it is shockingly causing havoc on my life.

I only say this because I have been so happy, successful, determined, motivated, and just feel "like me" when I have been taking the same generic subutex I have for _years_ and years.

It honestly scares me how much of an impact this medication has even though it is "the same", in the eyes of the FDA.

For years I have never had cravings for anything other than family, work, and just living life in general. Have always taken my 1mg subutex dosage as prescribed (for 5-6+ years).

I know every human is different because of genetics and our environments, but it is a very worrisome thought that this medication could easily do the exact opposite of what it was designed to do. As in, lead to a relapse for anyone who is new into a suboxone/subutex program and might have switched to this other Activas brand after maybe 1 or 2 months into their program.

The difference is drastic enough, in my opinion, to totally throw a patient off balance – both physically and mentally.

I have read many other reviews where people have greatly preferred this brand over the one that I have taken for years.

That is an extremely, extremely critical thing that I truly hope these manufacturers are studying RIGHT NOW because this is a medication that should not be allowed to have such a drastic variation in ingredients - both active and inactive.

Where is the thresh-hold????

At a time when drug abuse is at a high, the last thing people trying to recover need is a terrible, terrible experience with a medication that is *marketed and sold* to people under the perception that one generic is "the same thing" as another generic.

I just truly can not believe the difference. Truly can not. It's so bothersome to me because I had felt so happy and positive for years.

Since a patient loses great cost when having to visit their doctor, explain the situation, go do a refill at a new pharmacy (after research), and then RE-CALIBRATE their dosing because 1mg of Generic A is absolutely not 1mg of Generic B.

I truly believe many other patients who have been taking generic subutex for sometime would agree how damaging it is for a patient to experience any difference in a mg:mg ratio, or any other difference with this medication.

Example: In my experience I would say this after about a week or so of being on the Activas.

1mg of Generic Activas = .5mg Roxanne

That is soooooooo significant.

Even if the ratio falls within "legal bounds" and is this:

1mg of Generic Activas = .8mg Roxanne

That is also extremely dangerous to an individual's recovery. Extremely.

At the same time, for those who experienced the opposite reaction and feel Activas is "stronger", that too is very dangerous to their recovery because it interferes with the most important thing every human body needs:


Whether it's sleep times, eating times, or medication dosing times, or the dosage itself, consistency is critical.

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Derrick lake Says:

They don't work at all I felt like I took nothing!!!!! I going threw withdrawal and I took a whole one unreal!!!!!!

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Charles Says:
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Your exactly right. They aren't what they are supposed to be

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Mister Clause Says:
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Re: Charles (# 23)

The orange ones are bunk, a placebo or very shy of 8mg. Been on subs for 3+ years for pain mgmt & I know exactly how they affect my pain. Something is crooked, just like the little tiny round white arrow ones are bunk, a placebo and/ or very shy of 8mg, too! Stick with your instincts on this matter & def trust how you feel after you take your medicine. You shouldn’t be in pain nor withdrawls.

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CannabisColeman Says:
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Re: DawnOnSubs (# 7)

This disgusts me to the core. As an individual, for my own personal and completely legitimate reasons, I take a "cocktail" of medicine that are called drugs and everyone seems they think I should be making strides to become better (their useless opinions about what they life should be I guess). I've not had your experience where. I heard the Pharmacy Techs say ugly things but I've felt their judgement and have been straight up lied to. They take an inch of power and run a mile, in a profession that where in my opinion such behaviour is dangerous and life-threatening. I've taken these meds for a long time and now it's become where I change pharmacies often and keep my illness and most certainly my meds to myself and it sucks. Anyone out there who takes this or similar, you and I aren't alone:

XANAX (alprazolam) 2mg; 1-2 tabs as needed for panic, up to 5 tabs in a day (or more depending).

KLONOPIN (clonazepam) 2mg; Take one tablet 4x a day every day. Covers my anxiety like an umbrella and prevents the need for more fast-acting Xanax.

PRISTIQ 50mg; Take one tablet upon awakening and one tablet at bedtime for situational as well as crippling seasonal depression.

SUBUTEX 8mg: 1 tab under the tongue to substitute my DOC. Helps with chronic neck and back pain but it also keeps me from being stuck.

Also, cannabis is legal in my state so I use cannabis all throughout the day and it helps more than anything.

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John mountain Says:
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Re: Robert (# 15)

yeah 32 is unheard of 8mg 2xs day is usually the daily dose sometimes 3 8s a day

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Joelle Says:
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Re: Barry (# 3)

Ya i was getting the white subutex but the other day I got these new orange ones. I don't like them. They're not as strong and I have to take more than what I'm supposed to. I'm fighting to get my old script back.

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Kimmie Says:

From pharmaceutical experience. I believe it may be a mind thing. Believe me when I say as a fact that the 5411s (Roxys) and the mys are not putting as much "Bupe" in them due to production cost. The Orange half moon ones (as people are calling them) are not stingy on the bupe in their medication. They are MUCH STRONGER and last much LONGER. (25 Years in pharmaceuticals. Not saying much more due to what could turn in to legal matters). However, I thought I would let you guys know the truth in this matter.

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Cartermom5 Says:
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Re: allleggs (# 9)

Hi. I am a med tech and a CNA so I know a bit. I'm also a recovering addict and I'm just going to tell u all this... That s*** is all in your head. This med does not leave ur body until 72 hrs and has a half life of 24 to 48 hrs, so those of u who say you're having withdrawals already as soon as u take them, they're not meant to make u feel high. A little swish with a mint mouthwash or brushing ur teeth before u put it under will help with ur absorption.

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Cronnie Says:
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Ok now I read a lot of these comments, I'm on 12 mg Suboxone strips clean for 10 years now I've tried Subutex for 2 years due to being uninsured ; my physician switched it so I can save over $600 paying out of pocket. when it comes to any generic med, not many people know this but the company making the pill has 30% potency leeway from the name brand. I don't mind the pink 153's however the tiny round 8's are horrible compared to the bigger ones.

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Joseph Says:
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Re: David (# 5)

I have the orange ones and they are no good. I want to file a civil suit against this company for making me feel this way, it is not right!!!!

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Jim Says:

Feels like they are a placebo. After 2 days i was in withdrawal, all symptoms. Had a Mylan, took it, immediately better. Are the Actavis weak? Can you safely take another half of 8mg pill and get relief. My doctor isn't responding. Managed to obtain 6 suboxone pills 8/2, saved me, but i need a solution, i can't face the month with these, sadistic of this Actavis to make bunk medicines, and nobody cares about us as a group.

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Jim Says:

Re: Joseph (# 31)

I totally agree, this is a class action case. These feel like they have no active ingredients whatsoever. Reminds me of those horrible Indian vicodins from 10 years ago. Did you find a solution? Can you take a little more?

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Jim Says:

Re: Cartermom5 (# 29)

Took 3 days from switchover of the good medication to feel the w/d fully.
Do you have specific experience with Ativis 153 8mg buprenorphine? I have no reason to want to have bad experience. These are bunk. Need a solution, as i cant get another script for 3 weeks.

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Jim Says:

Re: Kimmie (# 28)

Why would i turn up on obscure med board searching for amswers as to why I'm on toilet /chilled /hot, sweaty /muscle aches/nausea /headache/anxiety attack that even Ativan can't penetrate? And dilated pupils? I've been on this recovery program almost 3 years, only recently having trouble obtaining plain buprenorphine without naloxone, changed from cvs to Walgreen, changed from a Mylan 8mg to the Activis 8mg, 2-3 days changeover suddenly very ill, take a Mylan, symptoms gone. You explain it. The 153's have strong citric acid taste, but really have no bupe taste at all, it's just bitter like alka seltzer citric acid. Need a solution.

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Kris Says:
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Re: Bernstein (# 14)

Can you elaborate lol so I’ve been taking Roxanne 54411 for 10 years I need to get off I know! But now it’s way ward and it takes the pharmacist ordering several times before they even send half my script now they are saying I can only get the pink hot moon, I hate switching the little arrows suck and have more filler. I don’t know what to do.

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tim Says:

Re: please no activas (# 21)

Look, people telling nighmare stories, settle down. It's Placebbo. I have taken them for 8 straight years and just got my first script of these. I was getting the 54/411 ones, and I will be honest, I was worried, but these work just fine for the purpose.

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tim Says:

Re: tim (# 37)

I lied, it's the end of the month and I'm dying.

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