New Generic Lunesta Price Compared To Brand Lunesta

Scott of Wv Says:

I have been taking lunesta for a couple years on and off now. Thankfully I have medicaid other wise I could not afford it. The last time I had to pay cash for a script of 30 3mg tablets it was 278.00 $ now with medicaid its only 3 bucks. I found out a month ago that a generic form was now out so I asked the pharmacy what the cash price for the generic was. He told me its 286.00$ and that the brand is 543.00$ I asked why the price of generic was about the same price as the brand name was 2 years ago and why the brand was so much more now?? He couldnt really say. Some how I feel like Im getting scamed. Can any one explain this to me?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Scott! How are you?

Prices just change over time. If you ask, again, in a month or two, you may get totally different prices. They may go up more, or drop. It's a supply and demand thing, just like it is for anything else.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Possum Says:

I don't know about pricing but I have a different question maybe someone can help me with. My mother suffers from insomnia and had been taking lunesta for years. Like most everybody else , she was thrilled when a generic form came out and it's been working great but recently she complained to me that her latest prescription felt like taking a placebo. I looked at her bottle and the manufacturer is Glenmark. Has anyone else had any problems with generic lunesta and can anyone tell me in their opinion the best generic lunesta manufacturer?

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Confused72 Says:

You're being scammed at $3.00 per prescription?
I don't know what you mean by that...

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