Neomycin Polymyxin B Sulfates Hydrocortisone

PainPainPain Says:

Have been taking these ear drops for 3 days now. My tongue is numb, my chest is tight, and it's hard to breath. Feels like I'm impaired. My whole body hurts and this started out as a simple inner and outer ear infection in both ears, start taking these drops and now I feel like my heart and brain is going to explode and my face and body feel numb, on top of all of that my ears have gotten worse!!!! Should I call my doctor or go to the hospital? Please help!

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Chip Says:

Go to the hospital. Could be an anaphylactic attack!

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David Says:


I hope you've been well on your way to fully recovering since the timing of your post and subsequent feedback.

Any update on how things are going or what type of diagnosis was determined?

I see that a quick google search on "sulfate allergy symptoms" brings back nearly every affliction you endured in the description.

It's just crazy to me how these medications that are supposed to help people turn out being a nightmare for some, often due to inert/unnecessary additives and fillers.

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