Name The Medicine To Get My Period Early

shanti Says:

My marriage is fixed on a date conflicting with my menstrual cycle and I want to have it earlier than the wedding date to prevent menses in my marriage. Suggest me tablet which should not have any side effect and help me in preparing for my periods date. I heard that contraceptive pills can help to regulate the period date or stop it temporarily.

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sana k Says:

Hi, I am not getting my periods. But there is no chance I got pregnant.. I just didn't get my periods... Can u suggest me an appropriate medicine as early as possible? please.

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priya Says:

my last month period was on period has been delayed for 10 marriage is on the 29th but i have irregular period..i want to finish my period date b4 marriage.. any suggestion for a birth control pill to change my cycle?

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Roy Says:

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. You should work with your doctor to start an oral contraceptive pill. Sometimes brides-to-be take them on a temporary basis to prevent the menstrual cycle from coinciding with their wedding and honeymoon dates.

These medications alter your hormones and "trick" your body into thinking it is pregnant so that ovulation is stopped, and also your period will also be altered by this. They are prescription only, so work with your doctor since they would be familiar with your full medical history. I hope this helps and wish you the best!

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