My Side Effects/arthricream Rub

robert Says:

i pulled a muscle in my chest and after several days of real intense pain even after taking tylenol, my wife suggested i go with a topical rub
i picked up a tube of equate arthicream rub/pain relieving cream
i chose that product because of the price as it contained the same
amount of active ingredient 10%
trolamine salicylate
after awhile the pain did subside enough to allow me to go to work as a waiter, however, i started noticing a metalic like taste in my mouth and on my tongue
it went away, however, the next day the same sensations with another application including a painful feeling on my throat like someone hit me across the adams apple
my wife also used the product and experienced similar side effects
i stopped using the product because the pain went away
i would use it again as the benifits out way the side effects