My Prescription Was Stolen Now What?

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need help in ohio Says:
Me and my wife recently had a birthday party for my son. After the party I went into the bathroom to take one of my suboxone and i noticed the perscription was stolen. I have not reported it to the police or my doctor yet. I am not sure what to do. I dont want to ask my doctor for a replacement script because I dont know if I can get kicked out of the program. This program is the last chance for me to get my life straight and it is working so far but I am scared if I dont replace them that I run a risk of relapsing. My next appointment to get my regular refill is three weeks away. Has anybody ever delt with a situation like this or have any real advise on what to do?

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painsux Says:
hi need help in ohio'...the best advice i can give you- is to try to find someone who you can buy a few from..enough to get by on without getting sick. 99% of the time- the doctor or clinic you go to will think you are lying. I wish it was not this way- but unfortunately it is. I am a pain management patient and have seen people get kicked out who were holding a POLICE REPORT in their hand! Its not fair. I think if you have proof then you should be able to get a refill. But the doctor one day was angry about all of the incidents of people trying to get refills on meds because of member stealing them...she explained to me that a police report doesnt prove much- because the patient couldve just called out the police and told them they had been robbed just for the purpose of having a police report in their hands for an early refill. So people like us who have to take these strong meds..if they are stolen we just end up being screwed. I even met someone whose house had burned down- and they brought proof of that- and the poor guy not only lost everything he owned in a fire- but got kicked out of pain management! I dont know who they think would burn down their house just to get an early re-fill on their rx! Just please try to be strong and maybe you can get something to hold you over. I know that is alot easier said than done. But i pray that you will be able to make it through- and please dont give up- i know it is an every day struggle. But if you can somehow make it- invest in a small lock safe for your next prescription- and never keep it in bathroom..teenagers know to look there for a high. Good luck with your struggles- believe me- ive been there too.

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Pat Says:
I have to disagree with the first poster. What if the person who stole your pills OD's and dies? You have to file a police report and if you have been a complient patient your doctor will replace your prescription, but you need the report first. I am a recovering drug addict also, but suboxone didn't work for me, I have been on methadone maintenace since Jan 2001, almost 10 years, and I keep my bottles in a lock box, locked, plus I put the lock box in a small safe I have hidden. If someone took my methadone and died, I would be devistated. People who know you are on opiate replacement know you have them in the house and they are going to look for them, that is why you need to lock and hide them..I know how you feel because I have been there with people stealing other drugs and I always thought the doctor thought I was a lier, but hey, the best way is to tell the truth, If you truly are going to change your life, this is a good place to start..PLEASE don't buy the drugs on the street. believe me, that is old behaviers and you may be tempted to buy your opiate of choice instead..I hope everything works out and let us know what happened..

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jayjay124 Says:
Need help in Ohio,
Here in Indiana, to fill a prescription you have to present a photo I.D. especially if it is narcotic, and before that, you have to give your address and date of brith because they already have your information on file. So maybe the person that got prescription will be caught and you will be notified. Nonetheless, it is always safe and right to tell the truth to your doctor regardless of the outcome. And buying drugs off the streets is a very dangerous thing to do. My advice would be is let your doctor know what happened, and if you are a creditable patient, and your doctor knows you, as he should, you sholud not have a problem. Good Luck and God Bless.

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Verwon Says:
Yes, a police report is really the smartest option. Even if your doctor will not replace them, you will have documentation that proves you were not abusing or selling them, which can be vital to your continued treatment.

Have you contacted the police or your doctor, yet?


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neetsie Says:
i hate to say this but i have tryed to be honest and got punished for it. as far as drug,s go and program,s go and do what your heart tell,s you is right but if were me i would ask a friend to see if I could get help but be aware so you do not get in trouble, try locked boxes

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Carmen N. Says:
I have had a new perscription stolen the day after I got it.It was a family member.Since I knew who stole them I didn't report it to the police,nor did I confront the person,but I did tell my Dr. what happened,and the reason I didn't report the theft.Since I was his patient for a long period of time,and was always honest with him,he trusted me.He just changed the dosage and I was able to get another refill,which I promptly put in a secure locked location.It was a painful experience to have a family member steal from me.It hasn't happened since,but if they know were I hide them they would not hesitate to break into a locked box,locks are to keep people honest,addicts are sick people,not neccaseriously bad people.

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B.C. Says:
I'm actually facing the same problem right now. My suboxone was stolen along with some other meds, and I.m starting to get sick. I don't know if I should call the doctor's office tomorrow( saturday ) and tell them what happened. I've never had any incidents in seven years, and I feel like my doctor really knows me, but I'm still really afraid to call. What if they don't believe me? I barely stayed alive long enough to make it into the program, I can't afford to be kicked out because they think that I'm some lier trying to get more meds.

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HMD Says:
I believe in the truth. .I hate to say it because Im in recovery and it seems that people are not always going to to look down on us but if we tell the truth we get a pattern of having integrity.I too had my subs stolen just a month ago. And I immediately called the police..who thought is was joke. I explained quickly and without hysterics though after someone taking 50 pills from you and its your suppose to friend.And the police won't do anything. Not even take the bottle for prints. But bc I had a relationship with my pharmcy they fought with me to get a refill. from my insurance....NOTE: only way you can get one is when you have an upgrade from 2 pills to 3 my doctor helped me with this because I needed an upgrade anyhow. It was actually to a half. This is if the actually stolen. I'm not for working the system. I know how it feels to be sick and your body be pulling away from you.Hope this helps someone.Somehow.

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Jane Says:
Why are you all on suboxone or methadone? They still get you you really think you are recovering by trading one addiction for another? Not only that one of you said you've been on suboxone for 10 yrs...REALLY. And you are worried about what your doctor thinks? If I was your dr I would be thinking you have no desire to "recover." Now you're hooked on recovery. Sorry its just stupid! Look, change is great and the intent to be clean is wonderful...I'm just saying its time to take the next step. You know it you're not gonna feel high'll be OK I promise. Please stop with the excuses ..after ten years of use there is no difference between daily oxycontin and methadone consumption. It is still keeping the beast alive and you're shutting yourself off from the new life you intended on having. Please think about it.

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in need 33 Says:
im sorry but methadone isnt anything but a strong pain reliever too, and yeah i guess suboxone didnt work for u because is doesnt make u feel high like methadone does and 10 yrs ? are u serious i was on it for 4 yrs and changed to suboxone because my lil girl used to ask why i would set and knod off all day. suboxone just makes me feel normal without withdrawl. it almost killed me and sometimes i want to go back to methadone, just because i want to get that high and to the guy who got his meds stolen most drs offices will take a police report and give u a new script but u will have to pay out of pocket for it.

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rebel Says:
Must make a police report. I know several people who have done this several times with no backlash at all.

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in need 33 Says:
i beg to differ u obviously have never bn addicted to pain meds the methadone is just another high i agree but suboxone is not if it wasnt for suboxone i wouldnt be a great mom,hard working tax paying citizen. i dont plan to be on this med for the rest of my life like some pple but until i feel im ready to come down and wean off.

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kodi Says:
methadone is stronger an maybe for u it was to much..suboxone can do the same thing making u knod if its to strong..ppl are differant..

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kodi Says:
if i was u..i would report it stolen show the doc the police report an if the doc wont give ur another script then try to buy them..buyn them off the street needs to be the last in oh an here on the street subs are 40 a piece..insane an the risk of being back n the drug go phrew all that needs to be last drawl..maybe a hhospital will help cause withdrawl from suboxone can will bad an hurt careful n whatever u do.

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NoGroovin Says:

Suboxone does, in fact, NOT get you high. This is not an opinion, it's fact. Suboxone is a partial agonist, it actually blocks you from getting high if you were to attempt to use while on it. Outside of the initial stabilization period that is normal with ALL meds (not just opiates) suboxone just makes you feel normal.

Opinions are great, but present them as that, your opinions, as opposed to facts. Especially when you obviously haven't taken time to actually learn the facts

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rebel Says:
I know for me Methadone does not give a high to me at all. Pain Dr. prescribed for me before more powerful opiate containing meds. I would like to know where 99% of people get kicked out. I have a friend who filed twice and was not even questioned. Many patients abuse filing, sell their script or use it all. Drs have a good idea about these people. Also thanks to the snorters who caused Endo to reformulate Opana and now often get alot of people ill as myself.

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peytonandelismom Says:
tell me about it. i broke my humerus last july way up in the mountains where i live and am on sub they had to take me out on a gator and was giving me everything they had available and no pain relief.that was my biggest fear when getting on an opiate blocker!so needless to say a rod a 9 screws later i was in hosp for 5 days,no sub,and on a morphine pump plus 2 perk 10s every 4 hours and still had no relief. that was the worst pain ive ever had and still have.

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Amy Says:
I actually went out of state on vacation and left my subutex in the drawer right next to the bed. I called the hotel to try to locate them and they said if they find them they will send them to me. In the mean time I had to tell my dr. My dr gave me 6 to get by to see if the hotel finds them, which they're saying they havnt found them. ( I think the maid took them) but he said he will replace the whole Rx if I get a police report.

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Twila Says:
Shut up. You have no idea what your even talking about!

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Sara Says:
Hello! First off let me say that I am sorry you have to go through this, it SUCKS! This happened to me yesterday. Well they weren't stolen yesterday, probably the day before. My doctor was VERY understanding, thank God, and just asked for a police report. Then again, me and my doctor have some trust established I like to think! Just call your doctor and explain the situation. Get a police report, even if it was a family member and you don't want to get them into trouble. If that's the case, tell the police you don't know who did it. Cover your tracks and just be honest. I like to think honesty is the best policy! If that doesn't work, maybe just try to buy a few and ration them until your next perscription. Good luck, everything will be OK. (:

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