Moving To Fl From Nj And I Have Bin Going Pain Mangmint Get My Meds For 8 Years Will B Able Them There

keith Says:

I Lived in new jersey my entire life and i am going to move to Florida about an hour from Daytona. I have bin on pain meds from pain management. I get Roxy 15 4 times a day and oxycontin 30 3 times for 8 years will I be able to get this in Florida ?

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foxymom336 Says:

Doubt it. DEA has scared the doctors with prosecutions, life imprisonments and even murder charges down here. It's horrible for legitimate patients to get help. I was on 10mg Percocet in North Carolina and it rook 4 years of jumping through hoops and unhelpful repetitive medical procedures just to get 7.5mg Loratabs. Mind you, this is with 15 years of prior medical records and such. Good luck is all I can say.

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Bud Says:

I recently bought a house in Bonita Springs, FL (next to Naples, FL ). When I first arrived w/script for MS Contin 100mg (I have been going to PM for 17 years in NJ), I had no idea how difficult it would be to fill in FL! I had to drive around for 5 hours from pharmacy to pharmacy and still was unable to find ANYONE who was willing to even listen or look at my medical records. After driving around for 5 hours with no help & being treated like a dope addict, I decided to try the ER in Naples. Well that turned out even worse, as the Dr in hospital said, after showing prescriptions & medical records, that it sounded like a typical tourist sob story, He then said, uh uh honey, I'm not risking my license to help you, and that was it, even though I have medical insurance, I was billed $1,000 for absolutely no help and I'm still fighting the charge. I have also had to make emergency last minute plane reservations to fly back to NJ to get my medication filled of course all at my own expense. This past year, I was forced to go to the mail order division of my insurance thru Express Scripts, the most inefficient and uncaring company that I've been dealing with for at least 15 yrs. I have had to rely on them to mail my MS Contin for the last 4 months and even though they received my prescription in plenty enough time to fill the script, they were 8 days late, causing me to SUFFER thru withdrawals and they have been 5-8days late every month, again causing me to go thru withdrawals and let's not forget the stress that the situation causes every time. I feel hopeless & am considering selling the house in FL, the one that I bought after losing my husband 2 yrs ago at age 51.

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SufferingDesperate Says:

Keith, can you share Dr. Info in NJ??? Been disabled, bedridden 20yrs, too much to mention. Dr. quit after LONG time wasn't being paid 1/3 AND 8-10 months late, etc. He quit suddenly, no referral, mad at ME! (83yrs old, WAS kind before). Am in Toms River, NJ, have MRIs, Drs.' files, the lot. But Work Comp since LAST YEAR!!! not provided me with help! 2 seizures, sudden withdrawal. Wd appreciate VERY much. And wish you luck as well. Its the damn bad Drs. wanting repeat business, addicting those not in pain that got us in this mess.....

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Kelly Says:

Honestly, you might not, be able to get them!! , I hear of so many people saying they cannot get the scripts filled.unless maybe your dr, calls down there. And talks to the dr. That will be seeing you.

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