Mova 250 M25

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round pink mova 250 m25 pill

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Verwon Says:

This is Naproxen Sodium 250mgs, a generic prescription strength Naprosyn. This is just a little stronger than what you would get if you bought a bottle of Aleve over the counter.

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henry Says:

What is mova 250 m25 prescribed for?

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Verwon Says:

Well it is basically a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, like I said in the above post, it is Naproxen Sodium, so it is prescribed to treat mild pain and inflammation. Like I said, nonsteroidal, so it doesn't react with as many meds, or have as many side effects as steroids do, and since it is non-narcotic, it is also safer when someone just has mild pain for some reason, and their problems don't warrant heavy pain meds.

I am going to post the link to the monograph for Naproxen so you can read some more details!

Naproxen Further Info Click Here

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