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I am a cronic pain patient. I have been taking Morphine ER 100mg for about 2 years. The price on my pills just doubles at my local pharmacy, My Dr is very open to recommendations, Can anyone recommend an alternative drug with the same pain killing potency with a lower cost. He had prescribed my Oxycontin, but the price at the pharmave was going to be about $700 per month out of pocket for me. The Morphine ER 100MG (qty 90, 3 per day) had been costing me $97 with my drug discount card, today when my wife refilled, they charged $190. When I called about it they said that the retail price of the pills had gone up.

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Hank Wolfla Says:

I have run into the same problem this month. My insurance will only pay for Morphine immediate release, and nothing else. If you find anything that might help both of us, I would appreciate it.

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Verwon Says:

I am afraid that you're not going to find much else on the market that is available in high enough doses to equal the effectiveness of Morphine.

You could try something like Dilaudid, which contains Hydromorphone, but the price will probably not be a lot better.


While it does greatly help some people, it is also not available in doses as high as the Oxycontin or Morphine.

You are, however, not restricted to that pharmacy, you can try calling around or stopping at other pharmacies to see what prices they offer.



Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Paula Says:

I ran into the same problem at my local store pharmacy (Publix). However, I found out from them the real truth about why the cost went up by 100 bucks per month, and that was because the discount insurance card they'd been accepting every month (that I'd found online, and there are several other similar cards like it) they are no longer taking, because that company (that issues that discount card) charges the pharmacy for me to use the card, but there is nothing in it for my pharmacy. I'm finding out that other area pharmacies aren't willing to take any of these "discount drug cards" now either, and for the same reason. You will just have to do what I'm currently doing, call around for better pricing. However, most pharmacies won't quote class 2 drub prices over the phone, so you may need to take your prescription bottle into pharmacies in person for pricing (and even that may not work, as most want your actual written prescription in their hands before they'll tell you what they'll charge). I think this is HIGHLY unfair to operate in this manner. I see no reason they can't simply quote the price over the phone, like non-class 2 drugs. It's not like we're trying to scam them or something. We just need to compare pricing like anyone else for any other medication, for Pete's sake! Good luck in your quest.

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Butterflies Says:

I have RSD, fibro, + and am also on Morphine ER. I am a disabled, retired Nurse Case Manager. I also ran into the price jump (almost $40 more a month at Walmart, Walgreens & with mail order pharmacies). I also had the same problem with Publix and Walgreens not taking discount cards! And the very irritating, "We can't tell you how much it is over the phone!!" Hello I can't drive now!!! Grrrr!

Anyway solutions:
If you have NO prescription insurance and low income, you can recieve KADIAN for $5 from Alpharma Patient assistance Program. (phone 1-888-206-9743). The application is available at :
http:/­/­­papforms/­kadian0071.pdf (They will NOT help if you have Medicare A & B but NO Medicare D as I do. With other drug manufacturing companies they will with many medications.)

The other answer: If you have low income, no prescription insurance you can get MSContin for Free thru Purdue Frederick Patient Assistance Program ( http:/­/­­Programs-and-Resources/­Pages/­Patient-Assistance-Programs.aspx phone 800-599-6070). The major hoop is that ONLY the doctor office can get the application. This has been an obstacle because the staff says, the dr has to say they can call first, the dr can be leary. I had to explain to my dr that because it is a narcotic medication, they do not accept patients printing up the application it is Purdue's requirement that it must be requested by the dr's office and faxed right then. Most nurses and Pain Mgmnt drs have no problem calling Purdue to request the application to be faxed.

Hope that this helps! Hang in there!

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Lynn Says:

I just wanted to let you all know that I was on Kadian for years and when I received my meds this month they said after Dec. they are no longer giving Kadian out any more. So now I am trying to find something to take it's place. I can't afford Morphine but really need it because I am in a lot of pain because I injured by back. Been on this for five years and in one month can't get it any more.

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Lynn Says:

One question, after the Dr. gets the application and you are approved then what happens? I mean are you sending the scripts to them every month or are the doctors? Is the medication sent to your home or the doctors office? With Kadian I would get the scripts then I sent them in and the medicine came to my home. Just wondering if this program was the same.

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Lynn Says:

Sorry I need to clear up what I was asking. When I asked how it worked after the Doctor gets the application I was taking about MSContin. I just read it back and thought what are you talking about. LOL

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Pat L Says:

Both Patient Assistance Programs have been terminated - for the Kadian (Actavis) and MS Contin (Purdue). I just called Actavis about my application today and they informed me they've discontinued the PAP for Kadian because they were notified on Nov 15, 2011, the generic form will now be available through Watson Pharmaseuticals (who doesnt have a PAP for generics). The MS Contin PAP has not been accepting new patients into their program for some time now. So there are NO Patient Assistance Programs available for any morphine product at this point. Since the Kadian generic costs about 15% less than the brand, its still not affordable for non-insured patients and I hear is not covered on the discount card either. Im new to this discount card and Im going to investigate if I can get the generic of MS Contin through this and see how much it costs.

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Allen M Says:

Pat, I wanted to know if you were able to get your medication you needed. The cost of morphine has doubled. Were you able to find a cheap generic or medical marijuana or something? Did you get help?
Maybe you can get Medicare.

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Allen M Says:

I'm sorry, I meant Lynn and Pat.

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Allen M Says:

GOOD NEWS The place at this phone number said they still offer assistance for oxycontin. I called them today and they said they are taking new patients that need assistance with oxycontin.
1-800-599-6070. (the Purdue assistance place).

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Allen M Says:

Well the previous message said there was no more financial assistance for morphine products but there still is for oxycontin at 1(800)599-6070. This Purdue place is still taking new customers who need financial help with oxycontin. I called them today and they said they are still in fact taking new patients.

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Allen M Says:

Oxycontin financial assistance is in fact still available for new patients at 1-800-599-6070.
I called them today.

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Allen M Says:


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Harold Meurisse Says:

I take the same dosage I've been looking for some aid for morphine and have not been able to find any.i think I pay 148.00 for 90. Ive found if you check some of the smaller mom and pop pharmacies you might have better luck.if you ever just feel like talking pain e-mail me most people really don't know what chronic pain is unless you have lived with it as we have hope this might have helped

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David Says:

Call on 1-866-617-9813 Ext-1

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Lori Says:

I live in Memphis TN, and recently needed a dose increase from my MSContin 60mg's (3 a day), after I had been taking this dose for 2 years. I always ask for generic. The cash price for all 90 pills was $250 a month at Walgreens pharmacy...there is a Walgreens about every 12 blocks here....The majority of Memphians use Walgreens because of this convenience. $250 is actually a rather huge chunk out of my small income, but you do what you have to do.....

When my pain management agreed to raise my dosage to 100mg's 3x a day, I took the script to my local Walgreens, and was told the price for this small increase in dosage now made the script cost ELEVEN HUNDRED dollars!

I was stunned, and of course could not (and would not) afford this, and had to carry the script back to the Dr's office so she could change it back to the 90mg's....and I just suffered some for a couple moths, as 90's were no longer truly effective for my pain, but certainly better than nothing.......

Eventually a friend of mine told me about how much lower her pharmacy costs were at a local membership only big box store called Costco (there's 2 of them in the Memphis area, and you don't need to BE a member to use their pharmacy) (most people who aren't members are not aware of that fact).

She asked could she call and check prices ther for my meds (Here in TN, pharmacies don't have a problem quoting class 2 drug prices over the phone, btw), and I said sure.

She called me back afterwards and we were both STUNNED by what she had found out!!....the 60mg pill price, which was $250 at Walgreens, was only $43 dollars at Costco (that's a lot of money wasted for 2 years prior for me...close to $5000 dollars, in fact.

But the real kicker to the story is this: the 100mg pills, (which were $1100 at Walgreens, remember?)....were only $67 dollars at Costco!!!!!

I am very curious that if Costco is able to make a profit selling a generic drug for $ can Walgreens justify selling the exact same generic drug for $1035 more????

That just seems obscene to me....can anyone explain this to me?

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jim Says:

I too just got taken by my pharmacy & humana medicare prescription drug plan.I'm having no luck resolving this.I'll be checking back here to see how everyone is doing and let you know how it's going for me.

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shelly bud Says:

Good luck with Costco. Had my same prescription filled today that have been getting about a year. Last month the price was 76 dollars generic. Today I had to pay $220. Same med. I was told due to Obama Care. I only have medicare. nothing else. I am still sitting here trying to figure it out

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Feeling Bamboozaled Says:

obamacare is already changing the rules of anything in the US that we are a custom to in the past. Doctors are dropping insurance companies left and right because its no longer worth them getting the little bit they are getting from them. They have million dollar educations to pay for until they are 50 years old. So a lot of doctors are only taking cash right now. Kind of like what happened to dentistry industry back in the 90's. But before they did, to compensate, they have made sure they get as many kick backs by writing scripts for a particular team (basically pharmaceutical comp.). Eliminating your competition, creating a demand by having doctors increase writing pain scripts, which they know will create a bunch of people hooked well beyond what they need the medicine for. Hence, keeping them happy little customers, bringing the revenue right back to their pockets. Making it all about "supply and demand". Clever little scheme if you ask me. But this is just my opinion. And if you should literally "accidentally" kill yourself with them, your just an innocent casualty or a happy little check mark for them by reducing the population since we need to reduce our population anyhow. All brought to you courtesy of a little program that they proudly put on display called "Eugenics". Now not sure since this post is dated, but if your still looking for a possible reduced cost medication that there IS a generic for that is as powerful as what you were taking, it is the Fentynal patches. There not great for wound pain like what I have. But I have heard they work great for isolated pain areas like the back. Its suppose to be with the same theory of pain relief like when you go in the hospital and they give you a shot of the powerful stuff. You can place it right where the bulk of the pain is and hopefully it will work well for you. Now they are considered to be one of the most powerful (which would also make them the most addicting and dangerous) medications you can get at a pharmacy. So be careful. You only change them every 3 days. Some doctors will write for every 2 days if its not enough pain relief. Now if you have "all over" pain from extended areas of wounds, this may not work for you. You have to keep them well protected and dry with large bandages that are used to cover IV's or burns to prevent water from breaking down the adhesive causing less medicine to get in or for them to loosen and fall off. They also supposedly come in lollipops, but I don't know of any doctor that writes lollipop pain medicine. That method just seems laughable to me. Lollipops are candy, when you make candy that can legally give you a high, your asking for trouble. Which only proves my earlier point. I wish you luck. I found this post trying to find discount copay cards because even my copays are ridiculous even after paying $1800 a month for "the best" insurance because of my health. Granted its for the entire family, but still. Any super strong medications out there are going to cost you right now the closer we get to the end of the year. Even little ole' 5mg perc's are double and triple what they use to be. You use to be able to get those dime a dozen, just about literally, lol....But "they" know that once you have these strong medications running thru your bodies, your not going to just stop taking them because the price went up like people can with cigarettes or caffeine - eh-hem. Oh wait, they created a supply and demand market for that too. Silly me...They know they got you and your money, because your either in blinding pain (like myself) and can't function without it or you are too dope sick and can't function without it. Either way, win win for them. And the doctors get nice little cushy kick backs in the meantime to turn a blind eye and put their pen to the paper. And if you say enough is enough, well - Hey, they got a drug for that too that can take you down off of them, the life saver. But most people who have had pain management like this will most likely need the "subs" for the rest of their lives, and that is big bucks too. Again win win for the home team. Lose lose for us suckers and pain exist'ers. Sorry for my bold outlook. My body may be broken, but there is nothing wrong with my brain and if this isn't what is going on, then they need to re-evaluate their system because that is what it sure as hell looks like. These are the same people that use to put pure cocaine in everything including coke the soft drink to get you hooked and allowed subliminal messaging to get you to buy it, then went "woops, no more cocaine for you, but how about some caffeine instead?" Times may change, products may change, but history always repeats itself. Just some food for thought.

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