Mn Doctors That Prescribes Methadone For Pain

Lolli Says:

Urgent!!! I need a doctor in St.Paul, Minnesota that prescribed methadone for pain.

My doctor retired and I need a doctor that prescribes methadone for chronic pain. I started seeing this pain doctor and she knew from the start that I wanted to continue on with my previous doctors care plan. After I am under her care, she decides she is going to take me off methadone completely without an alternative medication to take it's place. She straight up lied to me. I did not want an intervention. I wanted to continue with my care plan that I've been using for the last 12 years. Will somebody help!!!


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steven Says:

well,dear sir i empathise with your suffering. i cant thing of anything worse than methadone withdrawal- with the exception of liquid methadone!-(even if she titrated it) methadones half life is +or- 70 hours. in short it was the worst thing ever for me. however, sir once you realized the doctor was going against your own feelings on your own health care there are many ways to correct the situation. if all else fails hire a malpractice attourny.

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Lolli Says:

I was going to file a greivance, but I need a new doctor first, otherwise, she drops me as a patient and I'm forced into withdrawals without anyone filling my next script. I'm in St. Paul, Mn and thus far, I can't find anyone. There has to be someone?

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bluvinit Says:

Lolli is female. I have enough to deal with without adding malpractice to the list. I have spent most of my spare time trying to find a new doctor and there are many doctors here in MN. I just cannot find one that will take over the care of my previous doctor.I appreciate your input though, thank you.

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Jerry Says:

This same thing happened to me. i ended up going to a methadone clinic and had to say i was abusing opiates even those i was not. it was just that my primary care physician retired so I had no one to prescribe methadone for my ongoing pain anymore. it's a lot more pain in the butt cuz at first you have to go there everyday to get your methadone. after one year I'm finally able to take 13 doses home. I'm at 100 milligrams a day. they will start you at about 25 milligrams a day but you have to tell them that you were actually abusing opiates and you have to show positive for opiates so if you have Vicodin or any opiate take it about 12 hours before you go to the clinic to apply for care. This is just what I had to go through okay. you don't have to go through the same easy enough though. They're 17 methadone clinics in Minnesota.

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