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the pill is tan colored with mission imprinted on it

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Verwon Says:

These are over the counter vitamin products or prescription supplements of certain types, made by the company that makes Citrical, Mission is their company name and logo.

Pill Image

Not sure if that is your pill or not, since you didn't list the full imprint, you only listed the word, not any numbers.

However, if this is the pill you are talking about, it is Urocit K Extended Release Tablets 10meqs, this is potassium citrate, it is used to make your uring more alkaline to prevent to formation of more kidney stones in someone who has had problems with them. This is a prescription med, as it is not good for people to use them who have no had a problem, it is not safe to make your urine too alkaline, either. It is also used in some cases to help balance the level of potassium in your body for those who suffer health conditions causing low potassium levels.

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Verwon Says:

Anyway, even if that is not the pill you were asking about, all of the Mission company products are similar, they are some form of supplementation, some by prescription to treat certain health conditions, and some OTC for nutrition supplementation of vitamins, but that is all they make.

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