Missed Period On Sprintec

Jacey Says:

I've been on sprintec for two years nowand have always been regular to the day to get my period except when had my son eight years ago. I'm now going on two cycles with no period and am worried. I forgot to take the pill at the same time for a few days. I've taken a test a week after I missed and it came back negative however with my son I had to take seven tests within three months before I got a positive result even though I was pregnant that entire time. Any input?

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David Says:

Hi Jacey,

If it helps ease your concerns, irregular and/or missed periods are actually listed as common side effects for most types of oral contraceptives. I don't have a complete answer as to why that is, but it's probably due to the fluctuation of hormones during the time that you have to take a certain pill.

With hormones being as sensitive as they are, I wouldn't doubt it if something as small as "missing the exact time frame you normally take it at", could have triggered the missed periods.

Have you had any unprotected sex within the time frame that you started missing your periods?

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Verwon Says:

Did you miss any tablets?

If not and you only took some a bit late, then it isn't very likely that you're pregnant, especially with the negative tests. However, if you are really concerned about that, then by all means see your doctor for a blood test.

Most likely, it's just due to the hormones in these contraceptives and those in your body having fluctuations. It can be completely normal for this to happen and for you to skip your menstrual cycle some months.

There could also be times that you experience break through bleeding when you shouldn't be bleeding, or your period may be longer, shorter, heavier or lighter than normal.

It's really just all due to the hormonal changes.

Taking some pills late may even have been enough to throw you off and cause it.

Are there any other questions or comments?

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AK Says:

Im on my 4th pack of sprintec and i have not gotten my periodthis month. i also started taking antibiotics for a urinary tract infection and im worried that has delayed my period

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Des Says:

Hello, five months ago I got sprintec and stupidly I stopped taking the pills after two months because they made me feel super sick and I also missed some pills in the second month. It is now three months later and my period is still not here. The last time I had intercourse was in January and it was protected. Is there any other explanation for this?

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