Mirtazapine 45mg

thechemist70 Says:

Im on quetiapine MR 700mgs a day i also take sertraline 100mgs a day , tramadol 200mgs daily , depakote 1000mgs daily, and zolpidem 10mgs at night , my doctor is thinking about putting me on mirtazapine 45mgs daily i wanted to know if this is safe with all my other meds i have mentioned ?


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Verwon Says:

Many of the medications you've listed can affect serotonin levels, so adding another one creates the risk of your developing serotonin syndrome, which can be dangerous.

It's not that they can't be combined, but it must be done very carefully, with the doses taken under careful consideration and the patient being regularly monitored.

The FDA lists the typical side effects of Mirtazapine as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings and weight gain.

Are you seeing a specialist?

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Croaky Says:

I'm on 45 mg metazapine and depokote been feeling good will it last as only been a week on them

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Mel Says:

I've been taking mirtazapine for a few years and never read the side effects. But the last 4ish years I've had chronic back pain. I've seen it can be a side effect. But I would have thought it would have lessened over time but it just keeps getting worse. Also I've put on so much weight. I've gone from size 14 to 24. I can't exercise because of pain which in turn means I'm just getting bigger and bigger and then that obviously contributes to the back pain. Someone please help. 42 year old mother

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dyslexic bri Says:

tramadol with that mix, you're lucky your still alive , SEROTONIN SYNDROME overload at its max , I could not survive that mix . sertraline and tramadol give me serotonin syndrome . it on my notes now NO TRAMADOL

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