Micropil Good For Breastfeeding Mom

ishy Says:

Ok lng ba sa ngbreastfeed? First time ko kasi mag take ng pills! My baby is 1month and 2wiks na... baka my side effect din sa kanya? Micropill po ininom ko pang 2 days ko mag take ngayon!

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Vhic Says:

Are micropills good during breastfeeding? q lang po magchange ng pills.. my son is 1 @ 6mos old..any suggestion? Ty..

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Lyka Says:

Ok lng po ba ang micropil sa nagpapa breastfeeding??

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Carla Says:

Micropil pill po ba eh ligtas sa nag papasuso? 3 months plang po baby ko.. d ko kc gusto ang daphne kc irregular po ang menstruation.

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Jen Says:

Hi okay lang po ba ang micro pills sa ngpapa dede 2 years plylus n po ang baby ko ayoko po ung pills n tinetake ko ksi ngiging irregular mentration ko,any suggestion po pls thanks

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Lilibeth besinal Says:

Pwede po mag tanong pwede po ba ako mag take ng micropill kahit nag papa dede po ako thank you

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Mg Says:

Gumagamit. Din po ako kg micropil att nagpapadidi latin ako hanggang ngayon lottas ba ito prata sa anal ko?

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Mg Says:

Gumagamit din po ako ng micropil ligtas ba gamitin ito para sa anak ko?

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Lhen Says:

Pwede po ba nag pa breast feed ang micro pills?
Safe po ba?

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Lhen Says:

Safe po ba pag mag take ako ng micro pills kahit nag breast feeding?

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Bhel Says:

Hi po breast feeding po ako anong pwede pills para hinde mgbuntis yun baby ko ay 2months old plng ts hinde pa ako dinatnan.

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Leslie ann Says:

Pwedi po ba sakin ang mikeropil 1 year and 7months na ung baby ko

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Gracia Says:

Pwd ba ako mag take nang micropills kahit nag papa dede ako. ?

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Jade Says:

Hi can I ask po pede po ba mag take akonng micropil breastfeeding po ako . 6 months na po baby ko

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Mae Says:

Safe po ba or pwede po ba ang micro pills sa nagpapadede??? ,At safe din po ba or pwede po ba ang myra-e sa nagpa2dede din po ..salamat po

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Trisha Says:

Yung gf po kasi ng kapatid ko mommy nya is OB nag ask ako anung pwede sa Breastfeeding na pills.
Mini pill

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