Mexico Small White Round Pill With Score On One Side

Luvmylife1st Says:

1.Small/tiny white pill scored on one side w/ app on the other supposed to be phentermine
2. Small white pill no markings on either side supposed to be Percocet 10mg
Bought from Ensenada Mexico from a pharmacy at a flea market by the geyser tour maybe called delmar pharmacy anybody have any info or experience are they real?legit? Additives! Etc? please help! Thank you

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David Says:

I have yet to come across a pill like the first one that was mentioned, but I do question whether the marking says "apo" instead of "app"? APO is a more commonly recognized imprint by Apotex Corporation, which leaves me wondering... However, in the case of the second pill here, it seems to me that it might be a good idea to invest in a store bought drug panel kit that may be able to at least determine if the contents are opiates, like Oxycodone in Percocet would normally register as if it is what they say it is. If you wanted to, you could probably have a more in-depth analysis done by a lab as well. I know if it were me I wouldn't take anything I'm unsure of that was sold by such a remote flea market without any doctor present. I think it would defy all odds though if someone on here had actually gone to the same flea market in another country and received the same pills from the same You never know!

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Coby Says:

Trying to identify a pill manufactured in Mexico. It is a white round pill with a line through middle on one side no imprint on other side. 500 mg blister pack has blue writing with a word ending with "ides"

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