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This is a white large oval tablet with a slpit on one side down the middle and 369 on the other side. The Mfr. is ETHEX CORP. I'm taking Toprol XL 50 mgs. for my heart. I have Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease and arrythmias. I got my prescription filled today. I have never been given this type of tablet before and I'm afraid to take it. My pharmacist is closed now and I take this medicine every night. Please tell me what you may think that it is. Do you think that it's a generic for Toprol? I think that once I got a generic for it and it didn't look like this. Please email me back and let me know. Thank You so much.

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Verwon Says:

What is the exact, complete imprint?

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richard lee Says:

I too have been prescribed this same pill in place of Toprol XL 50mg.

This is a 'horse pill' by comparison being at least 3 times the volume! My last prescription was for the same item but these were the same size and shape as the original Toprol XL. BTW - I have high blood pressure and take these along with Accupril 20mg. I have not noticed any specific difference to the Toprol XL although I am always dubious as to whether side effects are stronger. My experience then is that there is no noticable difference for me but if you are concerned your course of action might be to insist that the pharmacy gives the Toprol XL - but the additional cost may well be yours to bear or just try them and see how you get on. Keep monitoring your conditions and notify the Doctor if you notice any changes.

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jack l. spence Says:

II have just received a refill of Metoprolol ER 50 mg and, to my surprise, was furnished the horse pills instead of the smaller ones made by a different company. They have developed a standard number system so why can't they agree on a standard size and shape. Makes me think cheap is better, for the CEO's, but keeps the patient on his toes.

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mike Says:

HOW can a Metoprolol ER 50 mg scored tablet be Extended Release???
It is the size of a walnut the other vendor provided a capsule the size of 2 grains of RICE, TINY in comparison. The makers should examine pill sizes to see of people can swallow something this large.

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chuck bridges Says:

I just got oval whites 369 of Metroprolol Succ Er 50Mg tabs first time today. I use to get the smaller 282. I was given some story there was a recall on the others but not because of something dangerous?

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Bill Says:

The same thing happened to me, so I did some internet research. The larger, white oval tablet, stamped 369 on the back, is Metoprolol ER 50 mg (the ER refers to Extended Release) made by Ethex Corp, a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer. The smaller, white tablet is also Metoprolol 50 mg ER (again, extended release) made by Sandoz Inc. The FDA issued a warning letter to Sandoz on August 12, 2008, questioning Sandoz's decision to continue distributing generic versions of Toprol XL, after Sandoz had originally decided to temporarily suspend distribution of metoprolol 25- and 50-mg tablets, after the FDA found Sandoz did not adequately validate its production process for that drug during its March 2008 inspection of their Wilson, NC manufacturing facility. That could explain why you no longer can get the smaller generic Metoprolol 50 mg ER, stamped 282. Pharmacies have probably had to find other manufacturers for this drug, and the other pharmaceutical manufacturers making Metoprolol 25- and 50-mg tablets have likely had to ramp up their production to replace Sandoz's market share.

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Maryee Says:

I prefer the Sandoz and switched pharmacies when I found one that carried them. Today, when I pick up my prescription, I found the pills were still manufactured by Sandoz but are now round and have M 50 inprinted on one side. Hope they work as well. It sure does keep a person concerned as to what is happening with these drugs.

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chritter Says:

I have also received the LARGER generic, to which I am used to the teeny Toprol XL and concerned because my pharmacist assures me they are the same. I recently had knee surgery and have been going to Physical Therapy. Before the pill change my normal resting and working pulse rate would vary between 66 and 82, now my pulse rate is ranging from 90 to 116 with more frequent episodes of palpitations (which Nitro Quick resolve) I looked it up online and noticed that Ethex has had multiple pill recalls for oversized doses, but not Toprol's generic yet... Should I be concerned? Especially in light of the new symptoms??? I no longer have medical insurance and can not afford $100+ bill to the doctor's office... HELP!

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Gerard Says:

I was on the Sandoz metoprolol succinate Er (25 mg) for 4 years with no incidents, and in November, because of a recall, I couldn't get it here in New york. Insead I was given the larger oval pill, also a generic, from another rcompany, and then Toptol XL brand nme when I complined I didn't feel well. They don't suit me. Does anyone know where I can get the Sandoz small white metoprolol pills? Have they resumed distributing them? Would really apreciate the actual name of a pharmacy of pharmacy chain if the website rules allow for it. i've been to hospital twice bcause of this, and my doctor wants to help.

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Rhiannon Says:

I was on the metoprolol succ er 25mg. I read about the recall and asked my pharmicist last month and he said it wasn't the company they got it from. Yet I called tonight to order my refill and was told that they no longer make it and they no longer are allowed to sell it and they would call my doctor tomorrow to get a new prescription ordered for a different drug. What is up with that?
I have experienced weight gain, numb finger tips, ringing ears, dry skin, bloated feeling and change in moods yet no one knew this but me. I had some days it seemed it worked and others when my heart would race and I would get palpatations. Some days I would get chest pain and tightness in my chest however, after years of this - having it just a few days a month is a relief.
This makes me extremely nervous having to change medications!

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Rodney Says:

I take Metoprolol 200mg I have experienced weight gain, numb finger tips, ringing ears, dry skin also I called last night to order my refill and was told that they no longer are allowed to sell it. is this a health risk for us????

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mfs Says:

My wife was given this horse pill as well and she started experiencing very bad headaches. I am doing some research now to get more information. There must be something wrong still with this Metropolol SUCC ER 50mg pill

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Trudie Says:

I was on the smaller pill for several years with no issues. My insurance required a pharmacy switch and I was given the giant oval shaped pills with 369 on the front. I took my three month supply and felt worse all the time. I didn't connect it to the switch until I took the smaller pill for the last week. My chest discomfort, and headaches are gone now and I feel completely better. I wouldn't take the other formulations again, ever.

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Balding Eagle Says:

Was taking toprol xl for blood pressure, but got switched to metoprolo er tab suc 50mg by drug prescription plan about 1 year ago. Since the switch, hair loss has increased to the point of almost none left in the crown and very thin elsewhere. Any suggestions for alternate medication and would hair loss recover?

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Mike Says:

What's in these pills that they are so big?

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Arlene Johnson Says:

I am taking Metroprolol Succ ER 50 mg. I have Celiac Disease. Are these gluten free?

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Susan Armstrong Says:

I have been on metoprolol for several years for hypertension,then atrial fibrillation and havehad a real problem with feeling cold and a low temperature of around 35 degrees. T have lowered my dose which seemed to help but I still need to turn the heater on when I am still in bed early in the morning. Could this be a side effect of the drug?

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Crystal P Says:

The M 50's are by Par Pharmaceuticals, and the offical makers of the original AstraZeneca patent for Toprol XL. They still release their variant as generic, and AstraZeneca just name-branded it as Toprol. So basically, the Par Pharmaceutical generic IS TOPROL XL, just without the name brand slammed onto it. :)

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LOU Says:

My husband just picked up my prescription of METOPROLOL SUCC ER 50 MG TAB from the RITE AID pharmacy. My round pill for almost a year has now changed into an oval pill with a capital M on one half of one side and the other side says MT2. Is anyone familiar with this logo? Watson Labs was the manufacturer before and now it says MYLAN.

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Dorothy Says:

I would like to know as well. I went to the Mylan manufacturer and I do not feel that it is working well at all. !

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