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generic-for heart & blood pressure

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caseyclyde Says:

i have been taking metroprol 50 mg for 3-4 months and am experiencing in the morning nausea feeling nrevousnous in both arms it seems to stay with me for most of the day the feeling seems to go away later in the day so i decided to cut the pill in half and take only 25mg a day and monitor my bp i have an appointment on 1/11-2008 coming up. what or how do i present the problem to my doctor

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Verwon Says:

The simplest thing to do is be honest, tell them the problems you are having and make sure they are aware of all medications you are taking, be they over the counter or prescription items.

This will enable your doctor to discern whether these problems are caused by this medication, a different medication, or perhaps a combination of medications.

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managed care kills Says:

My Prescription Drug Plan requires the mandatory substitution of formulary drugs with the Generic equivalents. My Doctor prescribed Toprol after I had a Heart Attack and Triple Bypass in 2004. In 2007 Metropol was added to my Prescription Drug Plans list of medications as a Generic equivalent to Toprol and my pharmacist gave it to me. Within a month of taking Metropol I began having heart palpitations. On two occassions within that month I went into Ay-Fib and was hospitalized. The resulting hospital bills exceeded $10,000. My cardiologist had me wear a Halter Monitor which revealed simultaneous AVP and PVC signals. He wrote me another script for Toprol with DAW on the script. I had to pay a 300 percent higher co-pay at the pharmacy but the symptons went away. I haven't had any irregular heartbeats since I stopped taking Metropol.

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