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Verwon Says:

Metyhylphenidate Info Click Here

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Shawna Says:

hi my name is shawna my son is on methylphenid i took one to find out how it feels well is possible i have adhd if my son does please tell me and also would i get in trouble at work if it was found in my urine

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heather Says:

Shawna, It's quite possible you have adult ADHD. But you should be diagnosed before taking medicine. By the way, Ritalin, methylphenid or methylin would all show up on a panel as methamphetamines

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kid with adhd Says:

you know 3 college students went into urgent care and one died in a coma at my towns college cause they took adderal (another substitute adhd pill) before their finals for focus. IT DOES NOT WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE ADHD. NEVER TAKE PILLS UNLESS PRESCRIBED...........

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jacob Says:

the mental health close my case with them and my family doctor will not perscribe me my meds what do i do i take methlyphenid and it helps me alot and brings me down good at night for me to sleep but it been 2-3 months since i had it and i cant sleep at all i been up since 10 this morning what do i do

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uc davis student Says:

this drug is getting me through college. it's the real deal.

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Aquiles A Morales Says:

I have a 9 years old girl with Down Syndrome. She has ADHD and she is been taking Methylphenid 10 mg.from about 3 months ago. She takes 1/2 tablet after breakfast, 1 tablet after lunch and 1 tablet at 4 PM. She used to be very stubborn, also she had problems to get focused at school, at home, everywhere. Last year we had alot of complaints from school and the school bus also, she wouldn`t follow directions, she would hit and kick the kids everyday, she wouldn`t stay focused on her work in the class
room, etc.
But now that she is taking Methylphenid she is doing very good and I am happy with the results, same at school. The problem I have is that my wife listens to her friends from the church and what they say is that Romi, my daughter, is a different person right now. They say she looks sad and she is losing weight.
I need to know your opinion about this matter and also I would like to know if there is any good or bad experience with kids with Down Syndrome using this drug.

Thank you


Aquiles A Morales

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i have had adhd since i was very young i failed 6th grade then my mother got me to take ritalin w a prescription after that i passed 6th grade and excelled in school when i moved away from my mothers home i quit taking it because i had no insurance my life as far as my relationships fell apart because of the problems my hyperactivity caused. im 40 years old and i just this month started back taking ritalin. how long should it take to get back to being normal with this medication. im taking 2-20 mg pills 2x daily quick release. thank you

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scotth19 Says:

I take Methylphenid and I have taken many drug screenings for work and it has never showed up..

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nat Says:

You realize that its illegal to take another persons perscription medication?! Anyway I take methylphenid because I have ADHD and I always wondered what type of medication it was so I looked it up, I use to take concerta though, both seem to have helped me though.

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pandabear90 Says:

My 3 year old daughter is on this (not by my choice). I have told the people who have full custoday I dont want her on this. ( I have shared legal custody). How will this effect my little one? and how can i tell if she really does need it or not

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K Says:

I have been taking this for several years, and yes, it does make you a different person. I do notice myself losing interest in many things... loss of appitite, I don't get much sleep and I have developed depression on the drug. But I am smart on it. I can think logically and I make all A's. But there's so many side effects. Off the drug I'm happy and I get my emotions back as well as my appitite. The side effects she is experiencing are normal... I guess. They aren't pretty, but they get the job done.

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