Methadone High Dosing Clinics Because Of Impaired Liver

Don Says:

I am 37 and have been on pain pills since I turned 15. I started street methadone to get off of IV Diladud 4mg (K4's). I got on the clinic the day after my 18th b-day. I have been on the clinic 95% of the time since. I found out I had Hep C in 1999. I had to have gotten it in 1995 or 96. The liver biopsy very much surprised my GI specialist. He Said my liver was moderately swollen, moderately scarred. and have extremely high risk for cirrhosis and liver cancer. it has gradually gotten worse, and as it says in medical literature I am finding myself needing a much higher dose ( 240mg split dose at home into two doses of 120mg). Every two weeks at the clinic I could take it in one 240mg dose. I also take Xanax 2mg TID. I am currently on 120mg total at the clinic. I live just west of Knoxville, TN and go to a clinic in Chattanooga, TN. Does anyone know of a clinic I could drive or fly to out of Nashville Airport? I thought about making the 2h15m drive to Nashville airport and flying to NYC on the shuttle flight early in the morning to LaGuardia I think and comes back the same evening. I could do that once a month and guest dose locally the other time per month. Does anyone know of anything better to do? Please help me!

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Gregg Says:

Why do u need to find another clinic. I guess dosed at the clinic beside I 40 in knoxville ad they give u the pill there. I normally take the liquid at my statesville nc clinic and I noticed the pill was a lot stronger for some reason Idk why. Thanks . I was just wonderimg why u had to try to fly to ny for ?

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methadone43madness Says:

Wow!!!! That is the most extreme measures of getting your dose I've heard in the 14 years I've been on methadone!.. I have no idea. I would recomend tappering off the methadone and order online red vein boerino kratom... A lot of it!!.. It kills 90% of all methadone withdrawls.. I promise!... I'm doing it now from 180 MG's methadone 14 years...good luck my frnd....and I mean that..

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Preston Says:

The clinics I've been on the last 38 years don't tolerate taking benzo's and giving takeouts and that high of a dose. I live in Texas and since we have been having so many overdoses from methadone and benzo's they will detox you immediately if caught doing benzos. Even if you have a valid script they will drop you down to 80mgs and make you come dailies. I you ought to stick with that clinic because it sounds like the best for you.

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neverumind Says:

Dude, you better stay right where you are at that clinic cause like other people have said, first of all you are lucky to even be getting that high of a dose. Here in wisconsin you have to fight tooth and nail to get upped. Matter of fact you now have to see the doctor every time you go up or down even 5 mg and you have to do a peak and through just to go above 100 mg and there is no way in hell they would ever allow you to do xanax even with a valid prescription in wisconsin. If you get caught with benzo's they immediately drop you 25% of your dose and you lose all your phases. Actually you can lose all your phases just for missing 1 counseling appointment. Our clinics here are really really strict and conservative and my clinic in appleton is one of the better ones. The greenbay and oshkosh clinics you cannot even wear a hat in the building. Oh and do not come walking in with pajama bottoms in either place or they will send you home to change before you can dose. Just stupid ass rules. They treat us like we are in kindergarten. Of course most addicts do act like they are, so sometimes it is justified, but i would thank your lucky stars, cause from where i am sitting you have it made dude.

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