Methadone And Morphine Together

Debra Says:


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John Says:

Debra, i dont know why his dr. prescribed both Methadone and Morphine. The Methadone is known to block or cancel out the effects of the Morphine.

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jonny rae Says:

i take 30mg 6 times aday plus 135mg of methadone a day for stomach cancer pain is it safe what are the dangers

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Greg Says:

First of all methadone is not a blocker. People mistake it for suboxone because they are both used in opiate withdraw treatment. They first made methadone in world war II...when China cut Germany off from poppy trade. Hitler had his science goons make somthing to substitute opiate pain killers and Bam methadone is born. First used as a pain killer for many years...then someone found out about its overwhelming affect on the brain. They found when a subject would take between 90mg and 200mg their opiate receptors in there brain would clog up with the methadone thus not allowing AS MANY OPIATE in. But only in a high dose. The reason they still use it fore pain is because it stays attached to your brain receptors for around three days thus making it a great long term pain reliever. When taken in a small dose it will actually compliment the morphine and help it attach to the receptors and stay there longer.

Boo ya

I have to be serious at work but here its time to play.

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yellowtail Says:

Methadone dont cancel anything out. Some claim this because methadone is so much more powerful that lesser drugs cant be felt while one uses methadone.Looks like you would have to ask yourself why a doc would give breakthrough meds if methadone was going to cancel it out.Methadone is also stronger than morphine and yes the post put up is out of line because these drugs are not prescribed together in the fashion that was posted.However yes instant release morphine can be used as breakthrough with methadone.

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licensetospill Says:

well greg is the closest to what he said but when your on methadone long enough and try to take lortab or percacets etc. it pretty much is worthless if you are trying to feel a high. it will still help for pain however. iv use of the morphine while on methadone will override and you will feel it but if you just take the morphine orally while taking methadone it is pretty much a waste

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the Sharkmeister Says:

Is it dangerous taking 25 mil morphine orally and 48 methadone drink.

I also take 5 mil valium and Percodan am 70 years old and suffer from arthritis. Presently taking Oxycontin which got me started on the OXY which I am addicted to to cover the pain but buying of the street and I hate the crap.

Please let me know about the Meth and Morp mixing...thanks all


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Rayk Says:

Very well put!
Would you know if it's (not wise) Possible to Cold Turky Methadone and Morphine?
What would be the hardest days first week ?
How long would it take to do so if one ever needed to?
5yrs on by doctor....
Would like trying more natural ways of helping pain(;

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cynthia Says:

If u r on 130 mgs of methone a day if u werent able to take it one day but were able to take morphine how many mgs would u have to take of the morphine to feel it?

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Rainey Says:

I've been taking 120 mg of methadone daily for the past 9 years for nerve pain (peripheral polyneuropathy). Methadone does not help with breakthrough pain. I've been offered oral morphine, and am seriously considering using it with the methadone. What would be a safe and effective morphine dose for a mid-60s female, average height/weight, when combined with methadone? The only high I really care about is getting rid of this damn pain! (but I'm not averse to a nice little party at the same time)

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martin Says:

Hi Guys
Im currently on Fentanyl 50 ug patch,s and Morphine solution for the breakthrough pain having just changed over from MST continus tablets 120mg a day but im suffering quite badly with withdrawls now.My doctor mentioned putting me on on Methadone for the withdrawls but then what about my pain???
would it be a possibility to take the Methadone with some sort of Opiate pain killer i,e stay on the Fentanyl or stick with the Oramorph solution or even go back on the MST continus morphine tabs? Im really at a loss with this one and my back condition is getting worse the pain is even traveling down into my thighs and buttocks. Any help and advice will be greatley apreciated.

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Me Says:

I just wanted to add that my sister accidentally passed away from a toxic mix of methadone, a muscle relaxer and morphine. I would definately check with your doctor before you mix any of these drugs. Her toxicology report was ruled an accident.

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lisa Says:


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theman Says:

Hello I just finished 5 years at a methadone clinic at 90mgs a day.Let me tell you if you can help it stay away from methadone! It is very very hard to come off of.Some say 10 times harder that heroin!Just hate to see anyone get hung up on methadone.Just remembe it's HELL to get of of!!!!!

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Mark Truchon Says:

I am currently prescribed 80 MG's of Methadone per day. The dose is split 4 times throughout a 24 hour period; like so: 20 MG's pRN 6HR's.

I was not liking how the Methadone made me extremely tired and just lathargic in general. I asked my doctor if we could try a different Narcotic. He suggested trying Morphine. To make a long(ish) story short; I am happy to try the Morphine Extended Release. I had heard other people having success with the drug.

I go to fill my prescription and then go to pick it up. I realize, after reading the bottle, that the script is written for "Take 1 30 MG tablet every 12 Hours". Yeah, EVERY TWELVE HOURS. 30 MG's!!! Basic conversion and common sense would tell you that 30 MG's of Morphine MIGHT, be equal to 10 MG's of Methadone!

The point of this story is just to warn people to make it very clear to your doctor that there is a Narcotic Conversion Table. I was absolutely shocked when I had to explain over the phone to a Doctor that there was a conversion and that Methadone was FAR stronger then Morphine.

Needless to say, I now have a new doctor who didn't get his MD from a Cracker Jack Box... ;)

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manzini Says:

you got it dead on

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carmen Says:

Been in pain mgmnt for 15yrs. On 30mg Roxys for yrs ( percs not option as causes liver failure...and in addition I have erosive gastritis and bleeding ulcers ) ....but practice decided on jan 1 to stop prescribing roxy's. Saw a jackass who put me on methadone and morphine ( he knows i'm on klonopin and flexeril too!)And listed my; brain injury, heart condition and stomach problems. He still prescribed it! I vomited for past 2 days! Guess I can't take it! Will be seeing new doc! And this one will prescribe roxys! Roxy's have far fewer adverse side effects and overdoses occur far more often with methadone/morphine! I am so SICK ofDr's letting DEA protocols (fact that they are a pain ) dictate what is prescribed! This crap makes me woozy! I can't drive...can't work on my 2nd bachelors! I really hope new doc is as good as he sounds! And prescribes what works! I've never felt "euphoric" on roxy's! Doesn't make me only helps with pain! I shouldn't be punished cause some people overtake meds etc etc! IF ANYONE KNOWS OF A GOOD PAIN DR IN VEGAS WHO STILL PRESCRIBES ROXYS...PLZ LET ME KNOW!!!! ONE I KNOW OF..WELL, WILL TAKE WEEKS TO GET SEEN! I WANT OFF THIS STUFF NOW..MAKING ME HIGH...MAKING ME VOMIT!

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amil Says:

Well i used to take dilaudid pills and then went on 130mg. Of methadone i chose to walk off my clinic and just go cold turkey w nothing at all day one didn't feel too bad but day two startex feeling bad then day three felt like i wanted to day five i guess i took some ativans and that took the edge off even though it didn't make me feel really much better then by day eight i went back to my clinic and unsuccessfully tried to get dosed that's how bad i felt then after like day twelve i believe i started taking a few morphine pills a day then that got me thru it but then got me back started on my pill habit all over again but normally people have told me that the really bad part will last anywhere between one week to a few minths because depending on the person and thier body and old dosage and whatever else they may or may not be taking along w the other stuff those are all facwill feel and for how long it it will last
once again I'm not a doctor or anything just telling you from personal experience need anymore advice feel free to ask ok hope this helps you out at least a little bit.....really much better then by day eight i tried unsuccessfully to go to the clinic

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Karen A Says:

I was reading into methadone and morphine mixed. This was a fatal mistake my little brother made in 2008. Nearly five years later, I am still so hurt and I strive to find the answers. I've heard of several other deaths with these two drugs; it sucks.

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grieving mom Says:

Yes, just got the toxicology report from my daughter today. Cause of death was Morphine and Methadone....given by the Dr. She was 44 and went to sleep...her heart was an accident. .This stuff is Very dangerous....

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annje Says:

due to serious back condition, my best friend was put on methadone because he didn't like the "high" of oxycontin and the methadone does not alter his mind at all. however, despite never being "addicted" [maintained and never increased doses, cut out doses when he could stand the pain etc] his body did become dependent anyway. He had surgery finally and now is doing much better pain wise, so has begun to taper, achieving easily going from 10 mg 3 x a day to 2.5 one x a day now, with very little discomfort or irritation, he says he needs a week or two at each new dose to adjust to the increase in discomfort cutting the meds provokes, but once adjusted, pain gets better too. no withdrawal symptoms yet aside from that adjustment and a couple of warm flashes so far. He's nervous about putting that last bit down, after all he's read about w/d symptoms even if separating at such a low dose...but is determined to see this through, doesn't want to take it as his pain is much improved by surgery and is not willing to acquire an addiction on top of general dependance...and we'll be there for support definitely. He has gotten scripts for things to cover some of the possible symptoms, should they occur, like for nausea, anxiety, sleep, muscle spasm etc. l think that was smart, but he/we are hoping he won't need them. The point is, go slow, taper as you are able to w/out significant WD symptoms, balancing the reduction based on pain level improvements and keeping wd symptoms at bay and I bet you'll be fine. best of luck, and pray for my bro, if you pray...I'll be praying for you. peace

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