Met Xl 25 Side Effects Burning Mouth And Tounge

padma Says:

I have been taking met xl 50 twice daily due to less saliva production. Now my mouth is burning and nose is clogged. I hope it is the side effect of met xl. I am also taking restyl 0.25 mg before going to bed. I suffer from undue anxiety without any reason and my b.p. will shoot up immediately. No complaints were found in my blood work. My liver, kidneys, cholesterol, sugar, and thyroid are less than normal. Heart x-rays are also normal, but chest pain will occur now and then due to anxiety. Please advise.

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padma Says:

I am a 70 year old lady, living in hyderabad, telagana, india. I am taking ecospin av 75. It also may cause the burning of mouth. For five days i stopped the tablets. After ten days i may know the result. So i am not responding on that yet. I have no other problems. Thanks for ur concern.

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JD Says:

I do not know what met xl is but I started in May 2016 with severe burning tongue and mouth. I do not know what caused it. I have tried all kinds of mouth prescriptions but they don't relieve it. During this time I has a chemical allergy test and found I was allergic to Thiuram Mixes. Those mixes are in my elastic on my panties, bra, any rubber product and hundreds more. My shoes even my steering wheel, and soap. I started having burning all over my face from my hands coming in contact with it. We don't know if that is the reason for the burning mouth syndrome. I believe it might have something to do with anxiety because on 2 occasions after I took my adderall and I began to feel very good I could literally feel the burn leave my entire mouth. Then again sometimes my mouth starts to burn much more after I take other medications I am on. I don't dare allow the tablet to sit on my tongue for any length of time because it starts to really burn. If you happen to find out anymore about your cause please post me a reply. Klonopin is listed as something that helps but I had just switched from that to Xanax. Also I find the burn not to be as bad when I first wake up but by 12 noon the burn begins. I take my aloe vera plant and cut a piece and rub it all on my tongue. That gives short time help.

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